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Warrington rivals Birmingham for Business Service firm’s favourite office location

Warrington rivals Birmingham for Business Service firm’s favourite office location
Warrington is 8th most popular office location for Business Services sector

At we receive thousands of enquiries each month by many different companies both up and down the country, and across the world. This report investigates which business sector these enquiries come from, and which location these businesses are looking to move to.

Out of 33 possible business categories, the most popular sector with more than 15% of all enquiries over the 6-month period was Business Services.

Breaking down all enquiries from Business Services by location, of which there were over 100 UK cities and towns that received enquiries, the below graph shows which are the Top Ten most popular locations for this sector:

Percentages have been found using the number of enquiries from the Top Ten locations only.

Business Services is a category that takes in a wide range of companies. Telecoms, energy and risk assessment, property marketing, productivity solutions, design, print and publishing, project management and direct marketing agencies are just some of the portfolio of companies that make up this sector. So it’s no surprise that Birmingham – known as the ‘City of a thousand trades’ – takes pole position as the most popular location for Business Service firms.

Birmingham’s location is one of the most central parts of the UK, therefore providing easy access to cities all over the country – something that would be suitable for companies serving such a varied business sector. Other more specific sectors have a traditional ‘home’, but for those with a varying nature it becomes less targeted. Therefore when providing services for industry it’s necessary to be able to reach businesses within that sector, and allow them to come to you – something that Birmingham is well suited to. Its excellent road and rail network, along with its international airport – one of the busiest and most important in the UK – is one of the city’s prime benefits.

Aside from Birmingham, the most popular locations for companies within the Business Services sector were cities from the Northern counties, London, and Scotland. There was no representation in the Top Ten – or even the top fifteen – which produced results from the South, South East, South West, East areas of England, Wales or Ireland. Within these regions, Cambridge produced the best result of 16th, followed by Nottingham in the East Midlands in 17th.

But while areas of Northern England proved popular for Business Service companies, with Leeds, Warrington and Liverpool all inside the Top Ten, interestingly Manchester only managed 21st place. The ‘Warehouse City’ is usually among the top most popular locations for office space enquiries, but in this instance it has lost out to the other favorites of Leeds, Liverpool, and – surprisingly – Warrington.

Located in Cheshire, Warrington is sandwiched between Manchester and Liverpool, enjoying easy access to both major cities via the UK’s main east to west motorway, the M62. The fact that Warrington finished above both Liverpool and Manchester suggests that companies providing business services value an accessible location, with readily available transport links – something that Warrington provides in abundance.

Warrington has two main railway stations, with routes to the key UK cities of London, Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool. Aside from proximity to the M62, M6 and M56, the town is also halfway between the major international airports of Liverpool and Manchester. Access by water is also a plus point, as the Manchester Ship Canal runs right through the southern part of the town. In short, Warrington enjoys a highly accessible location which proves to be a huge pulling point for companies within the Business Service sector.

Other locations that saw a high number of office space enquiries were the Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. In fact, when further breaking down the enquiry numbers from companies within the Business Services sector, Glasgow had the highest workstation size request.

With several enquiries for 100+ workstations, and finishing in overall 4th position for the most popular Business Services office space location, Glasgow is a strong contender – something that has come to light over recent weeks as shown in one of our other reports, which focuses on Glasgow’s rebound from the recession.

Other locations that have also produced requests for high numbers of workstations are Liverpool, Leeds and the W area of London.

Overall, while 4th placed Glasgow took the honours for highest workstation requests, it was Birmingham that produced the best result – beating 107 other UK locations to take the most office space enquiries for companies in the Business Services sector.

If you’re a company seeking to relocate or expand, and you wish to find out more about office space in Birmingham or other locations within the UK or globally, visit to start your search. Or you can let us do the searching for you, and speak to one of our expert consultants for free localised advice. Our services wonΓÇÖt cost you a penny, so feel free to get in touch and let us help you find the office thatΓÇÖs right for you.

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