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Single workstation requests for serviced office space up 42% in 2009

Single workstation requests for serviced office space up 42% in 2009 workers now choose to set up their own business, using a single serviced office workstation

The number of individuals seeking self-employment is on the rise. Reports lay claim to the recession as the main culprit, as workers are made redundant and choose to start up their own business or enter into self-employed contracts by way of making a living.

Online services such as Start Up Donut sprang up in response to the sheer volume of people looking to enter self-employment, work as a consultant, or become a contractor – “because of the large number of changes to the economic climate in the UK.”

For some, this is a welcome transition. For employees who have been harbouring ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur, being made redundant can provide the impetus behind the decision to go it alone.

The rise in self-employment and entrepreneurial activity can also be tracked by the amount of single-desk enquiries made through The first 7 months of 2009 (January-July) produced a 42% increase in enquiries for single workstations, compared with the same period in 2008.

The below graph shows the shape of single desk enquiries over the first 7 months of 2008 and 2009:

As shown by the graph, requests for single workstations in 2009 were at their lowest in Q1 2009, with March producing the smallest recorded figure. However, despite the decline, 2009 Q1 produced 78% more enquiries for single desks than the same period in 2008.

From the start of 2009 Q2, enquiries were on the rise again, and continued to grow month-by-month throughout Q2 until they reached a plateau at the start of Q3 (July). 2009 Q2 produced 28% more enquiries than the same period in 2008.

Overall, single desk enquiry figures for the first 7 months of 2009 were 42% higher than those recorded in the same period in 2008. This suggests that in 2009 to date, there are significantly more entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and self-employed individuals seeking office space in the UK.

In a press release by online business and entrepreneur advisors Start Up Donut, James Elias, Head of Business Marketing for Google UK – sponsors of the scheme – attributes much of the rise in self-employment to the difficult economy:

“The economic conditions have led large numbers of people to consider their options – as a result, entrepreneurial activity is on the rise.”

Furthermore, in a report by The Times, office space group Regus have recently claimed that demand from workers in the City of London, who have been made redundant and since become entrepreneurs, has helped to increase company revenue by 9.8% compared with the same period a year earlier.

Mark Dixon, chief executive of office group Regus, says: “While it is unpleasant when people are put out of work, it can also act as a catalyst for them to do something about it and start up their own business.”

This in turn helps office providers and landlords who run serviced offices, as entrepreneurs seek more flexible office space in order to incubate and grow their business.

Serviced offices – such as those offered by – allow businesses to sign up for anything from one desk upwards, on flexible terms that often run on a rolling monthly contract. The result is that start-ups and small businesses can test a location for a short period of time, and can upsize easily as and when required.

Serviced offices are an ‘all-in’ solution – where the likes of fixtures, fittings, IT, services and maintenance are all rolled into one manageable monthly fee, ideal for burgeoning entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses.

To find out more about serviced offices, and for free expert advice to help set up your business in the location of your choice, contact our team of experts, or start searching via our website at

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