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Birmingham top location for small firms seeking single office space

Birmingham top location for small firms seeking single office space single offices.jpgBirmingham is the most popular location for firms seeking single office space

Continuing the research carried out by into the level of enquiries for single workstations in the UK, this report focuses on the most popular UK location for single offices.

To date, enquiries for single workstations through are 37% up in 2009 over 2008, suggesting continued growth in the start-up business sector.

When analysing the enquiries in more detail, research shows that the most popular location for businesses seeking single workstations in the UK is Birmingham. This was found by identifying the largest number of enquiries for solo offices in each postcode area throughout the country to date (January – November 2009).

When finding the most popular city/town from each region, Birmingham (West Midlands) was well ahead of all other UK locations, beating second-place Manchester (North West) by 62% and the third-place NW postcode area of Greater London by 105%.

The below graph shows the top most popular location from each region throughout the UK.

Overall the most popular UK region was Greater London. Containing the largest number of locations, this region produced the biggest volume of single desk enquiries, with the NW area claiming 10% of all interest in the area. The next most popular UK region is the South East, followed by the North West, and then in fourth place is the West Midlands.

It is testament to Birmingham’s popularity that despite being situated within the fourth most popular region, the location of Birmingham itself has produced the largest single amount of enquiries for one-desk offices anywhere in the UK.

Further analysis shows that the city centre is the most popular location within the ‘B’ postcode remit, but other out-of-town areas have also produced significant enquiry levels to help boost the area’s status.

Behind the city centre, Tamworth (B77) was the next most popular location for single office space to date, followed by Erdington (B23), Digbeth (B5), Edgbaston (B15) and Alcester (B49).

Behind Birmingham, Coventry was the next most popular location in the West Midlands region for companies seeking solo office space, followed by Walsall, Stoke-on-Trent, and Wolverhampton.

Small businesses choose Birmingham

Previous research by has shown that Birmingham is consistently popular for small businesses. A study carried out in June into enquiries for 1 – 3 workstation offices found Birmingham the most popular, followed by Manchester.

A more recent investigation has found that despite a turbulent year for the UK as a whole, in which Birmingham’s enquiry levels remained below that of 2008, the city is showing resilience through low workstation costs, provider incentives, and strong enquiry levels for city centre office space.

Widely known as the UK’s ‘second city’, Birmingham’s central location has enabled it to become a leading location for businesses seeking office space, and is home to many international and prestigious companies.

With a major airport that has since gained increased exposure following the official closure of Coventry Airport on 8th December, and a number of train stations serving locations all over the country, Birmingham has a well-established transport network that widely appeals to businesses.

Further plans in the pipeline include the potential addition of a high-speed train line from London to Scotland, which would include links to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The link would cut average journey times from Birmingham to London to 45minutes, down from 1h 22minutes.

Aside from accessibility, another key feature for Birmingham is that office space is generally less expensive than further south, particularly around London, which is vital for smaller businesses, start-up ventures and the self-employed. And in the wake of the longest UK recession on record, this has become an important factor for Government organisations and large business corporations too.

In 2008 the Office of the Public Guardian extended into Birmingham, its first outside of London, while the Office for Legal Complaints (OLC) are due to be opening an office there in a move that will create up to 300 jobs. There is also speculation that Birmingham could be leading the bid to provide the new base for the Ministry of Justice.

Research by shows that Birmingham’s appeal is constantly widening. From small firms seeking single office space to larger corporations looking to move out of London, the city has a diverse range of workspace options both in the centre and on the outskirts, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution that is proving to be vital in a challenging economy.

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