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Testimonials & Feedback from our Providers

Testimonials & Feedback from our Providers

We currently list over 5,000 offices globally, and we add new buildings on a daily basis.  Many established office providers have been working with us since 2001 and only put a pause on the service when they are at full occupancy!

Here is a selection of feedback from some of the office providers we work with throughout the UK.

Anvic Developments

“IΓÇÖd just like to say thank you for your help in closing this deal.

It was a pleasure to work with you and the feedback from the client was also very complimentary of your assistance. Your method of keeping me up to date throughout the negotiation process was invaluable and IΓÇÖm looking forward to working with you again.”

Lucie Marsden

ICON Business Centre

“Craig is an absolute pleasure to deal with; he is polite, personable and always takes a very consultative approach to handling enquiries. He has taken the time to ensure he fully understands the way our business centre works, being as familiar with our products and services as our staff and clients are. He is always on hand to answer any questions I may have regarding a client and makes sure that I have been fully briefed on their requirements, enabling me to always conduct tours and close deals in an informed and personalised way. Craig instils a confidence both in me and in the clients we mutually deal with due in the most part to his honest and approachable manner. He is a credit and an asset to”

Rae Ellis

First Base

“Kaz at provides us here at First Base – The Old Fire Station, with good quality leads that have been well qualified. He will also do his upmost to help get us people through the door and convert and hold back when is needed. Definitely one of the best at – thanks Kaz.”


Melissa Ring


“You have been a great help and your response time and follow up have been phenomenal and useful to us in chasing the leads and processing payments.

Your effort in following up clients has helped us track some of the leads that have gone cold and in some cases led those clients to calling us. We appreciate you assistance and hope to continue working with you. Thanks again and all the best in your endeavors.”

Adelaide Chebayi

DBS Managed Offices

“I would like to commend Craig Stewart for his work with My professional experience is that Craig is extremely knowledgeable about the market and the areas he is responsible for. He presents prospects with clear, unbiased information on their options enabling them to make informed decisions. The extent of his understanding is such that he is able to explore alternatives clients may benefit from, they may not have considered. On a personal level, he is personable, friendly and helpful beyond the remit of his work. He is always available and has ensured I know he is there for me to talk to any time. That level of service is both valuable and valued.”

Julie Vallance

“Our account manager Craig Stewart has consistently been one of the best consultants we work with. Enquiries are usually qualified with plenty of information regarding the client’s requirements. Craig has extensive knowledge of the industry along with his professional & approachable manner, which plays a vital role during the process from receiving a lead to booking a viewing and closing the deal. He is an asset to and I look forward to converting many more deals with his assistance in the future.”

Nicky Severs

“With enquiries being received via on-line agents, we rely on their knowledge of not only the region, but the centres too.

With, not only are they based closer to our areas and therefore have good local knowledge but they have also sent Consultants out to meet us and see the premises, or assign someone who knows the locale (such as yourself). This is invaluable in advising the clients particularly if it is a relocation. The fact that you have actually lived in the village where we are situated is even better! Leads come with comprehensive, accurate notes, whenever possible, that assist us greatly in our initial contact with the client. I enjoy that we are able to develop a good, friendly working relationship to mutual benefit. Picking up the phone to talk to you is like talking to a friend, it is so relaxed and easy. It is especially great when (as in this week for example), you have called not only to advise of the enquiry but with a viewing arranged. I also feel that prospects come well informed about our provision. Viewings are always followed up with feedback and potential sales are helped along too!”

Julie Vallance

Crowhill Business Centre

“When our talking newspaper for the blind purchased the Crowhill Business Centre four years ago our charity was full of trepidation when it came to filling the building. Thanks to Cassie Radley, Account Manager and her team at that trepidation has now turned to a smile whenever we receive an emailed notification. The team has really worked on our behalf to ensure that any profits we can generate from the rental of our offices can help visually impaired people access print in audio.”

Alastair McPhee

Clarendon Business Centre

Working with Dan makes converting our sales so much easier.

“His enthusiasm and passion for the business should be bottled and sold back to the market! Dan understands his clients’ office requirements in every detail and helps translate this against Clarendon’s products. His ability to keep in touch with both Clarendon and client ensures we are always up to speed with our enquiries through Thanks for all your help!”

Natasha Turner


“I have worked well with Gerard Richards of over the last year and have a great business relationship with him.

He always keeps in regular contact with me, is very efficient and always provides specific client requirements for every lead, which has led us to winning many new client leads together. I really appreciate his friendly and uplifting attitude as well.”

Ann Kessell

Capital Enterprise Centres

“Capital Enterprise Centres Ltd at the Waterhouse Business Centre offers high quality office, studio & workshop space on an easy in easy out basis. Our relationship with; especially Marcus Shelton who is very efficient, professional, positive & a highly commendable representative for works incredibly well with the team at Waterhouse Business Centre. Marcus works closely with our team to provide Office, Studio & Workshop space on a daily basis. Marcus always aims to provide as much detail when processing enquiries to Waterhouse and always updates us with any changes that may arise. We look forward to working with Marcus & in the near future.”

Michelle Cook


“When I first spoke to Rachel Lapins, Account Manager at, I was so impressed by her ability to learn what our business was about, learning the fine points and understanding people, the markets, and services provided. She speaks in everyday language, which helps with the direct communication with us and the client and she gets results. Rachel takes time to explain what the customer requirements are, and what we have to suit the customerΓÇÖs needs, and she bonds very well between all parties. She is a pleasure to speak to and helps our business to move forward”

Nick Moore

Business Environment Group

“Gareth is a pleasure to work with. Always in good spirit, he is reliable and always gets back to you with the important information needed to progress with any deal. Gareth has recently completed a variety of deals with our company and it is clear that he is an asset to”

Robert Blackman

“I find the staff at fantastic to deal with, not only do they supply me with credible leads, they help massively in converting them as well. I have enjoyed working with all the brokers and find the level of customer service second to none. Your organisation sounds like a fun place to work. Thanks Kaz! I look forward to working with you further.”

Robert Blackman

“Becci-Jane is a pleasure to work with. I have now completed a few deals with her and she deals with everything extremely professionally ΓÇô making my job easy. Becci-Jane’s precision and close attention to detail has definitely made her one of the best agents in the business. Well done!”

Robert Blackman

Are you an existing provider and would like to send us some feedback / partake in a case study? Email us on and we will be in touch.


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