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Your Office Space – The Home of the Christmas Scrooge?

Your Office Space – The Home of the Christmas Scrooge?

Does your office space boast Christmas decorations this year? If so, do they stretch beyond a 1ft tree and a few bits of tinsel that have been stuffed in a dusty cupboard since last year? Well if that is the extent of your officeΓÇÖs festive decorations prepare to be ashamed ΓÇô after a hotel in Abu Dhabi erected what is claimed to be the WorldΓÇÖs most expensive Christmas tree.

Valued at over £7m, the 43ft tall tree is emblazoned with bracelets, necklaces, pearls, emeralds, sapphires and 181 diamonds – with the tree itself worth $10,000 and (unsurprisingly) requiring security around the clock in order to avoid anyone “borrowing” one of the expensive baubles for their own tree.

But unlike the extravagant Emirates Palace Hotel, which will ask the Guinness World Records to confirm the tree as the most expensive ever erected, the modest and often underwhelming decorations adorning your office are most likely in good company.

According to a survey of 140 offices conducted by the office design company Maris Interiors, the average spend per employee on Christmas decorations here in the UK is just 23 pence ΓÇô the lowest spend on record and a 5 pence per employee decrease on the 2009 average of 28 pence.

But even if your decorations feel a little half-hearted, you may still be one of the lucky ones after the same survey revealed that 55% of offices opted to spend absolutely nothing on Christmas decorations.

‘This is slightly depressing to hearΓÇ¥ stated Maris Interiors Chairman, Michael Howard.

ΓÇ£Even in these austere times, companies should perhaps think of employee morale before cutting back completely on the Christmas decorations – A few quid on some fairy lights might go an awful long way!’

But does this really mean we are a nation of ScroogeΓÇÖs? Or is this a natural and effective way of keeping employees focused on work when in the office rather than being distracted by the festivities?

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