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Your Desk and You

Your Desk and You

Online office broker,, which works with 97% of the UK’s serviced office space providers and landlords, has joined forces with leading business psychologists Ream Kandola to find out what your desk says about you. Is a messy desk the preserve of the creative genius or does creating your own ‘nest’ at work give a sense of belonging and settlement?

  • A person who displays targets or project charts is┬ámotivated by achievement and setting goals for themselves.
  • Those with pictures of family or friends and personal┬áparaphernalia tend to be people focused and motivated by┬árelationships inside and outside the work place.
  • Employees with screen savers or calendars depicting┬átropical beaches tend to be more hedonistic – are motivated┬áby pleasure, perhaps preferring to meet clients over lunch.
  • People with ‘stylish’ desks, perhaps with an Apple Mac or┬ástylish flowers or plants tend to be motivated by culture and┬áthe environment in which they work.
  • Desks without personal objects are often the preserve of┬áthe introvert – they might use files to create a barrier around┬áthemselves and their work.
  • Extroverts may have joke calendars or toys to draw┬ápeople over to their work space and create a talking point.
  • A neat desk is a sign of a conscientious individual who is┬áorganised and prefers to focus on one thing at a time.
  • A more spontaneously organised desk shows someone┬áwho is good at multi tasking, can switch between different┬átasks, is flexible and creative in their approach to work.
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