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Young Entrepreneurs and their Start-Up Successes

Young Entrepreneurs and their Start-Up Successes

As children and teenagers the majority of us could be found in parks and playgrounds, building imaginary worlds and having pretend adventures.

But in the 21st century, some children and young people have instead been putting their imaginations and thirst for adventure to very good and very real use.

Meet the youngest entrepreneurs and discover their successful start-ups.

ΓÇó Vivienne Harr, 8

At the tender age of 8 years old, Vivienne Harr (pictured) is already making headlines with her charitable business #MakeAStand. Upset by an exhibit on child slavery she attended with her family on a trip to California, Vivienne set up an exclusive lemonade stand and a charity fundraising page, determined to free as many as she could with donations.

Using the hashtag #MakeAStand on Twitter and setting up a website, Vivienne has made a media splash and ended up on TV promoting her business. Her goal is to raise $150,000 for the anti-slavery charity Not For Sale, which will free approximately 500 slaves.

In less than two months, attending her stand every single day whatever the weather, she has raised $50,000.

ΓÇó Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran, 10 and 12

What were you doing between the ages of 10 and 12? Sanjay is a CEO and his older brother Shravan is a company President. The two have set up the business Go Dimensions, an app development firm featuring their own apps.

With the apps ΓÇÿCatch Me CopΓÇÖ, ΓÇÿAlphabets BoardΓÇÖ and ΓÇÿColor PlanetΓÇÖ ΓÇô among many others ΓÇô the brothers have established a working company and seen more than 10,000 global downloads.

Despite their successes, their natural flair for technology and business, and the ad revenue they are raking in, both the boys want to focus primarily on their educations in hometown Chennai.

ΓÇó Mallory Kievman, 13

Mallory Kievman, at 13-years-old, has developed a product we can all relate to: she has found the recipe for a lollipop that stops hiccups.

Mallory invented her ΓÇÿHiccupopsΓÇÖ when she was experimenting with various folk remedies for a vicious bout of the hiccups. Upon success in curing herself, she began to consider the profit-making potential for a product that contains the necessary ingredient.

The young teen has enlisted the help of MBA students in developing her business model successfully and is currently in the ΓÇÿtaste testingΓÇÖ phase, with the product ready for marketing in the USA this summer.

ΓÇó Catherine Wong, 17

17-year-old Catherine Wong from New Jersey, USA, has developed a way for the technology in mobile phones to monitor cardiac health and send a report remotely to a medical practitioner for examination.

This ΓÇÿhealth on the moveΓÇÖ device is scheduled for big success, having come runner up in the Google Science Fair and won a National Public Radio start-up prize. After coming up with the idea, she enlisted the help of her high school physics teacher to get a hold of the equipment she needed and wrote the programme on a mobile phone.

Catherine is working on making the invention smaller, more durable and easier to reproduce for a possibly lucrative future market.

ΓÇó Mark Bao, 19

By the age of 17, Mark Bao owned 11 companies and 3 foundations. Mark is a born entrepreneur who wrote a programme at the age of 10 to help him with his homework. He copied the programme on to floppy disks and sold them to his classmates at $5 a pop.

Of his 11 internet businesses, Mark has sold three companies ΓÇô making him a pretty decent sum of money. Now, at 19, he is setting his career goals for the future and focusing on one particular enterprise as well as his non-profits.

Mark has anticipated making $10 billion in his working life and hopes to donate $8 billion of that to humanitarian aid charities and research centres.

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