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You Must Be Having A Laugh!

You Must Be Having A Laugh!

Managing director Jim Venables said: “An upbeat working environment creates a better atmosphere and when used appropriately, humour can encourage higher staff morale and more energy. It’s about taking what you do very seriously white not taking yourself too seriously!”

Ros Cole man, stress therapist and former vice chairman of the International Stress Management Association UK, said: “Humour in the work place can enhance motivation and team building, as well as helping to promote health and workplace wellness, ft can also reduce workplace stress and tension.”

“Often jokes and gags can be used as a tool to knock down personal barriers and help build lasting interpersonal relationships with your co-workers

ONE in four workers are so unhappy in their job they would not want their children to follow the same career.

A survey of 1,000 adults by recruitment firm Hudson showed more than a quarter believed their children could earn more money or have a better work-life balance if they did not follow in their footsteps.

Male lawyers were the least content, while women computer staff were most likely to recommend their jobs to their children.

Andy Rogerson, chief executive of Hudson UK, said: “These findings are disturbing, especially with the current economic conditions. That so many UK professionals would not want to see their children follow in their footsteps points to a workforce that is both unhappy and lacking confidence. Employers should take note of these findings and seek to tackle the sources of such gloom.

“With dark clouds on the economic horizon, employers may revert to short term retention tactics, focusing too heavily on salaries, for example. By contrast, in many cases, improved communication and a more flexible approach can empower and liberate employees.

“Trying to keep frustrated employees motivated and upbeat will be one of the key challenges for businesses in these tougher economic conditions. Ignoring employees’ concerns will not be an option.”

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