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You and your Office: making the most of your office space

You and your Office: making the most of your office space the best deal on your office

Finding the ideal office space for your business can be a bit of a trial ΓÇô but once you have found it donΓÇÖt stop there! Businesses looking to take on an office tenancy, be it a short term flexible lease or a longer term commitment, should follow some simple steps to find the right office space and make it work for their business.

Before you make a decision on your office space……

  • Think 3 ΓÇô always view at least 3 different offices before you decide which one to go for. This will provide you with a good overview of the market and what is on offer to you enabling you to make an informed final decision.
  • Ensure you go for a lease with a term that suits you. Most businesses now opt for shorter term flexible leases with short notice periods to maintain control over their office space and commitment. This also allows businesses to move into larger premises should their business begin to rapidly expand.
  • Do you have multi office requirements or do you often have to travel in order to meet clients? If so it may be worth plumping for an office provider with multiple sites, even an international office provider if you envisage overseas trips. They will often provide you with a discounted rate if you take more than one office space with them, and even if you donΓÇÖt you will be able to use the facilities at their other buildings ΓÇô such as meeting rooms – when you are on the road. Gain a prestigious image for your company without spending a fortune!
  • Check out the additional extras if you are going for a serviced office space. Services including meeting room access, admin support etc may be included in your monthly license fee but check to see if they are treated as bolt on services that you pay for as and when you need them.
  • DonΓÇÖt forget about your employees! Does the location suit them? Is there public transport nearby? Parking? Shopping facilities? A happy workforce does a better job than a miserable one!
  • DonΓÇÖt forget insurance for the contents of your office. If you are opting for a serviced office space the buildings insurance will be covered by your office providers but you need to take care of your own contents.

Once you have made the decision on your office space, you need to start making it work for your business.

  • Make friends and influence people. If you make the effort to build a relationship with your building manager, you will be sure to reap the benefits. If you wish to move to a different office in the building for example because your current one is no longer suiting you needs you will be the first person they think of when one comes available.
  • Reception staff are crucially important. Remember they are the first impression that visitors get of your company, so it is imperative to build a good relationship with them so they will project the image you want. Keep them updated with changes in personnel, your out of office times and what they should be saying when answering the phones for your company.
  • Be a good neighbour. Business Centres offer a superb chance to network and win new business. With many different businesses all under one roof, centre management frequently organise networking events within the centre. Use these opportunities to meet your neighbours, spread the word about your business and use the services offered by neighbouring companies.

All in all if you opt for flexible or serviced office space there are many ways you can ensure that your office space is working for you and that you are getting as much as you can out of your office tenancy. So be a good neighbour and take advantage of the opportunities on your doorstep!

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