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Yesterday’s Jam: Apprentice Winners Past & Present…

Yesterday’s Jam: Apprentice Winners Past & Present…

Last month Tom was crowned the winner of The Apprentice 2011, but with 7 series now under wrap what became of the past winners?

Series 1: Tim Campbell

With Phillip Green and Michael OΓÇÖLeary both reportedly ahead of Lord Sugar as first choice for the show’s figurehead, Series One of The Apprentice rolled on to our screens for the first time in 2005. After this initial run of 12 episodes, former Senior Planner Tim Campbell was the first Apprentice to enter Lord SugarΓÇÖs business empire and pick-up the 6 figure salary that went with it.

After working for Amstrad for two years, Tim Campbell left his role as Project Director and founded the Bright Ideas Trust ΓÇô a social enterprise which seeks to support young entrepreneurs from deprived backgrounds.

Series 2: Michelle Dewberry

Over 5 million viewers watched Hull born Michelle Dewberry win the second series of The Apprentice in 2006. But after fending off over 15,000 hopefuls to claim the role within Amstrad, Michelle left Lord SugarΓÇÖs employment after only 12 months. After completing her Autobiography and launching several online business ventures, Michelle can still be seen making regular appearances on TV as well as offering her services as a business consultant.

Series 3: Simon Ambrose

Switching from BBC 2 to BBC 1, the third series of The Apprentice reportedly attracted an audience in excess of 6.5m who watched former investment bank employee Simon Ambrose take the crown. After working within the property division of Lord SugarΓÇÖs business and training to be a surveyor, Ambrose left to pursue his own venture in 2010.

Series 4: Lee McQueen

With an audience approaching 9m, the fourth series of The Apprentice saw former recruitment consultant Lee McQueen win a place on the Lord Sugar pay-roll. After becoming the fourth Apprentice, Lee famously made headlines when he called in sick on his first day in his new £100,000 role. Taking up a position with the digital signage division Amscreen, McQueen secured a 5 year deal putting digital advertising screens in BP forecourts across the UK before leaving after two years.

Series 5: Yasmina Siadatan

The second Hull born candidate to be crowned winner of the Apprentice, Yasmina Siadatan overcame Kate Walsh (now a regular TV presenter on Channel 5) to take the crown in 2008. Within weeks of taking up her role in Lord SugarΓÇÖs company AMScreen Healthcare, Yasmina made headlines after it was revealed she had fallen pregnant after a whirlwind romance with the firmΓÇÖs development manager.

Series 6: Stella English

Delayed by the General Election because of Lord SugarΓÇÖs role as the then government’s ΓÇ£Business TsarΓÇ¥, the sixth series of The Apprentice hit our screens in October 2010 with tough talking former Japanese Investment Bank employee Stella English becoming the Winner. After reportedly threatening to quit her winning role after finding herself to be a ΓÇ£gloried PAΓÇ¥, Stella moved to the web-connected TV service YouView ΓÇô at which Lord Sugar was the non-executive Chairman.

Series 7: Tom Pellereau

With a new format which focused on finding a business partner rather than an employee, the seventh series of The Apprentice returned to our screens in 2011. Despite my personal belief that he would have been sacked in week 2 in the show’s old format, all round nice guy Tom won the ┬ú250,000 opportunity to enter into business with Lord Sugar after edging out the Super-Efficient Helen Milligan with his business plan in the final.

But with so few of the candidates still involved with Lord SugarΓÇÖs businesses, does the format of The Apprentice really help to identify the best and the brightest? Or do the tasks played out on our screens each week fail to present a realistic view of business and instead create a ΓÇ£Big BrotherΓÇ¥ type approach that attracts more and more celebrity hungry blaggers? Let us know your view by leaving a comment below.

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