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ΓÇÿWork Your Proper Hours DayΓÇÖ calls for more flexible office hours

ΓÇÿWork Your Proper Hours DayΓÇÖ calls for more flexible office hours

Are you putting in too much overtime? Is the office starting to feel like a second home? Now is the time to take hold of the situation and get your work/life balance back in order. Today – Friday 26th February – is the annual ‘Work Your Proper Hours Day’.

The event is organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), and the campaign is being marked by the efforts of Professor Samuel Aryee, director of the research degrees programme at Aston Business School and an expert in organisational behaviour and human resource management. He has called for businesses to introduce proper policies that ensure staff have a sensible work/life balance.

According to TheBusinessDesk, Aryee – who will be delivering a lecture on the subject next week – claims that too many organisations allow staff to work overtime for no extra pay, and as a result are disregarding their health and well-being.

“We need a whole culture change,” he said. “Greedy organisations want to consume as much of their workforce’s time as possible and they forget that people have a non-work life.”

He believes that workplace culture should be geared more towards flexible working, and benefits such as emergency care and childcare should be taken seriously.

“Increasingly there is a demand on the workforce and working longer and longer hours creates a system of competitive advantage, but from a business and psychologial perspective, there is no advantage to having a burnt-out and exhausted workforce.

“Policies must be embraced by management at all businesses that both promote employee engagement but also encourage their engagement in their non-work life.”

According to the TUC, in 2009 more than five million UK workers gave away £27.4 billion in unpaid overtime.

Brendan Barber from the TUC said: “Millions of people are still working far too many hours and often they are not even being paid for it. This long hours culture causes stress and damages peopleΓÇÖs health,” adding, “Bosses should use Work Your Proper Hours Day to thank staff for the extra effort they are putting in to help their business through the recession.”

Visit the TUC’s Work Your Proper Hours Day website for more information and to assess your work culture.

Professor Samuel Ayree’s free lecture – Must Success Cost so Much? Work-Life Integration for a Transformed Workforce – takes place next Tuesday 2nd March at 6.30pm, at Aston University’s Sumpner Lecture Theatre. Email to book your seat.

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