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Women, Business and Serviced Office Space

Women, Business and Serviced Office Space

Guest blog from Jane Erasmus, Regional Sales Director at United Business Centres.

ThereΓÇÖs been quite a bit of talk recently about women in business being a really important kick-start to the economy.

Recent research has found that more women than ever before are empowering themselves, breaking out of the workplace and establishing their own businesses.

A report by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Micro Enterprises has found that female directors are significantly more likely to be found in small businesses built themselves than in big board rooms.

It goes without saying that women are no less equipped than men in starting businesses. But in some ways it could be said that there still exists the echo of stigma that can undermine the confidence of a woman whose last concern should be other peopleΓÇÖs perceptions as she launches her career in self-employment.

ThatΓÇÖs why I believe that serviced offices are great places for women in particular to start and grow their businesses.

For starters, serviced spaces are considered typically safe working environments where, although you might work on your own, youΓÇÖre not isolated like you might be at home. The reception and customer service team are always there for support, as well as the other clients in the building.

For women beginning in whatΓÇÖs long been considered a daunting and male-dominated world of business ownership, this interaction and support can count for a great deal.

The serviced office is also a very social place to work, enabling women who are starting out or finding their feet to socialise, confer and find a place for their business to flourish. Typically clients will pass work between them (often born out of a shared kitchen conversation) and frequently the serviced offices run business networking groups and offer introductions to other clients in the building.

In the very earliest stages of a business, renting office space isnΓÇÖt always possible. But that doesnΓÇÖt mean there arenΓÇÖt alternatives. In fact, at our Liverpool Airport business centre, weΓÇÖre now hosting a completely free co-working event which will be taking place on the first Wednesday of each month.

At this event, anyone working in the area without an office is invited to come and enjoy the benefits of shared workspace. Here you can share ideas and support one another without having to worry about renting full time office space before your business is ready.

It’s interesting to note that, so far, every single registrant for our first co-working event on July 4th has been female.

Are you a business owner in Liverpool?

If you live in the vicinity of Liverpool Airport and this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can sign up to the co-working event here.

You can also enquire about office space to rent at UBC Liverpool Airport with by calling 0800 9777 770.

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