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Wishlist: Hot Office Tech for 2014

Wishlist: Hot Office Tech for 2014

From cleaner keyboards to defeating info overload, we’re being surprisingly practical with our office tech wishlist for the New Year. (Well, for the most part, anyway…)

BERG Little Printer in the Office

Here are four items of office tech we hope will be adorning our desks in 2014.

An end to crumby keyboards

Washable Keyboard Office Tech 2014
It might not sound all that glamorous, but itΓÇÖs every office workerΓÇÖs dream ΓÇô an answer to the dusty, crumb-covered, coffee-stained keyboard problem. And itΓÇÖs surprisingly simple ΓÇô which is why weΓÇÖre adding LogitechΓÇÖs washable keyboard to our wishlist. Cleaner keyboards await us in 2014.


Tiny, smiley little printer
Not all new tech is futuristic ΓÇô nor is it as charming as the BERG Little Printer. WeΓÇÖve fallen a little bit in love with this tiny device, which prints text and images onto a miniature receipt-style reel. You can send items to print from your smartphone and out they pop in lo-fi black and white. In other words, Little Printer takes up where fax machines and Polaroid cameras left off.

ItΓÇÖs also got the most endearing promotional video weΓÇÖve ever seen. We challenge you to watch it without smiling.


So long, sick office syndrome

CubeSensor fights Sick Office Syndrome
Like the washable keyboard, on the face of it the CubeSensor isnΓÇÖt the most exciting piece of office tech ΓÇô but that’s before you know what it does.This tiny cube actually measures a wide range of factors within the office environment ΓÇô including temperature, vibrations, noise levels and even barometric pressure.

Using the data from the device, its inventors hope to put an end to sick office syndrome ΓÇô welcome news for the hordes of snuffling, sneezing and headachy workers who put their symptoms down to the office environment.


Dashboard to defeat update overload

Know an office worker whoΓÇÖs constantly checking their emails and Twitter feeds? This shiny new smart dashboard could be the answer to update overload.

The brainchild of Ryan Pendleton, Nimbus was launched on 31st October this year, making it a newcomer on the tech scene. You can customise it by choosing the four feeds which are most important to you, including email, social media and even daily commute stats. Why only four? WeΓÇÖre guessing because the whole idea behind Nimbus is streamlining and simplifying your daily diet of info.

We reckon itΓÇÖll look pretty stylish on our desk. But will it stop us constantly checking our emails and social feeds? WeΓÇÖre willing to give it a try.

WhatΓÇÖs on your tech wishlist for 2014? Will you be adding any of the above to your desk?



Images courtesy and copyright of (top-bottom): Logitech, BERG, CubeSensor

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