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Winter Weather Warning

Winter Weather Warning

As the met office issues severe weather warnings for parts of the UK, itΓÇÖs important to prepare for the potential effects this could have on your working routine.

Advice from the government’s online resource for businesses, Business Link, suggests that flexibility is the key and that ΓÇ£varying starting and finishing times to make up for lost time – or agreeing time off is taken as holiday – can benefit both parties and make employees more effective.ΓÇ¥ Working from home is understandably not possible for some companies but may perhaps act as a short term solution for some, with research even suggesting that this can actually increase an employeeΓÇÖs productivity.

Employees are not automatically entitled to pay if bad weather prevents them from attending work, so itΓÇÖs a good idea to plan ahead to make sure there is a clear understanding about how lateness or absenteeism will affect pay. ItΓÇÖs also important that an employee should not feel pressurised to get to work if conditions make it un-safe to do so. Communication has never been simpler, and with the rise of the smartphone, managers and staff should be able to remain in regular contact.

Adverse weather conditions may not only affect the journey to work, but the consequences from closed schools can greatly impact on UK businesses. Parents should consider preparing alternate child care arrangements for this possibility, in order to minimise the stress when a school issues a last minute notice of closure.

The Independent newspaper reported that insurer Royal Sun Alliance estimated that last year’s extreme batch of icy weather cost the UK’s economy £13 billion, and with the market still struggling out of recession a mild winter would be greatly welcomed.

Let us know below if youΓÇÖve already been affected by the weather and what measures you have or will be taking to combat this?

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