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When it Comes to Spreading the Electronic Word, Don’t Forget Your Netiquette!!

When it Comes to Spreading the Electronic Word, Don’t Forget Your Netiquette!!

Or have you written a confidential email but then accidentally hit “reply to all” when you only meant to hit “reply”?

Sending an email in error can be a minor embarrassment – or at worst can cost you your job.

Yet, with some two million emails sent globally every second, it’s no wonder that most of us have, at some time, forgotten our netiquette and committed an email faux pas which has ended up causing offence, embarrassment, annoyance or even got us the sack. – an online provider of commercial office space reveals some of the most
embarrassing email blunders it has come across and offers some advice on how to avoid them:

  • A business manager who accidentally sent details of all his employees’ salaries on a company group email. Realising his error, he set the fire alarm off to clear the office before going round and deleting the email from every inbox.
  • A company which included 24,000 email addresses in the “To” box of a message. Many intended recipients probably never got to the actual message because it took them so long to scroll down to it.
  • While having an e-conversation with a friend, a businessman referred to a third friend’s wife in a very insulting manner. The e-conversation progressed onto arrangements for a night out which the friend then forwarded on to the third party – forgetting the
    disparaging comment which he had earlier made about this person’s wife. Not surprisingly, the planned night out didn’t go ahead.
  • A police officer sent an email to her colleagues asking: “Who stole my yoghurt out of the fridge?”

Unfortunately she accidentally sent the email to the entire West Midlands police force.

With 42 e-blunders happening every minute of the day, it’s no wonder that most of us have had to deal with an e-horror at some point in our working lives.

Email is by far our preferred means of communication but the key to successful netiquette is to:

  • Slow down – after writing an email give yourself a brief cooling off period before hitting the send button.
  • When replying-to an email ask yourself – do you want to just reply to the sender or reply to all? Hitting the wrong key can cause all sorts of problems.
  • When forwarding on an email conversation remember to scroll down to ensure that there is nothing in previous emails that you don’t want the recipient to see.
  • Be careful forwarding on “joke” emails – your recipients may not always appreciate them, especially if the jokes are offensive in any way.
  • Don’t write your email in capital letters because the recipient may think you’re shouting at them.
  • A business email account should not be used for personal correspondence – emails from a business account are considered official company communications and they may be monitored.

So stop, think and then think again – only when you are sure you are happy with your email, and who it is being sent to, should you ever hit “send”.

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