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What If: We Took Your Tech?

What If: We Took Your Tech?

How much do you rely on modern-day technology and how would your business survive without it?

DonΓÇÖt worry; we donΓÇÖt know anything you donΓÇÖt.

As far as weΓÇÖre aware the internet isnΓÇÖt going to crash and we donΓÇÖt expect all the satellites to fall out of the sky, either.

But for the purposes of the ΓÇÿWhat IfΓÇÖ, weΓÇÖve pulled the plug on the digital revolution to take a look at what weΓÇÖd have to pull out of storage to replace our favourite gadgets…


1. Your Computer

Putting aside the communal nervous breakdown weΓÇÖd all have without internet access, what would you do with no functioning computer? WeΓÇÖre talking about no database, no records, no files…

Your best bet would be a typewriter and a seriously organised filing system. ThatΓÇÖs right! You want to type up your meeting agenda? Produce a report? Takes notes during a phone call? YouΓÇÖll have to do it all with the clackity-clack of this dusty old-school typewriter.

Well, that or a pen and a pad of paper. WeΓÇÖve still got those, right?

2. Your Smart Phone

No more checking your emails under the table at a meeting or tweeting about your evil boss. No texting your best mate to arrange plans for tonight and no lunchtime phone calls to sort out your banking/insurance/significant other, etc.

Instead, we bring you… The landline! Complete with monitored phone calls and no cool games, apps or entertainment whatsoever. It looks just perfect, right there next to your typewriter, a half-tub of Tipp-Ex, a notepad and pen, and a big stack of files.

WeΓÇÖre not even giving you a little flashy number with transfer buttons and direct dials. Nope, this mean machineΓÇÖs got one of those circular dial pads that you have to stick your finger in and crank around, digit by digit.

3. Your Tablet

ThatΓÇÖs right; we saw you sneaking a peek at your iPad when we took the computers away. And now youΓÇÖve made us go and take the internet, too! Without a computer, a smart phone or a tablet, weΓÇÖre cutting you off from all access to real-time news and instant information.

Your landlineΓÇÖs right there so we donΓÇÖt know why youΓÇÖre complaining about not being able to talk to anyone. But as for the news and information?

From now on, the news will have to come from the morning papers and television broadcasts that air four times a day. For information youΓÇÖll have to read lots of books, or go find someone who knows more than you do.


Would you go back to a pre-digital working world?

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