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Volcanic ash cloud creates 230% rise in Regus video conferencing

Volcanic ash cloud creates 230% rise in Regus video conferencing

The recent travel disruptions caused by the volcanic ash cloud and the ban on air travel has not stopped business representatives from communicating, according to serviced office provider Regus.

Resilient British business representatives continued their operations throughout the crisis, helped by Regus’s video communication facilities. The company recorded a massive 230% increase in use of the video communication tools over the last week, suggesting that it was business as usual for many UK firms.

On Monday calls to Regus call centres were reportedly 450% above the daily average, and the website has also been inundated.

CEO of Regus Mark Dixon commented:

“This crisis has moved video communication to the very front of business people’s minds as a high quality, cost effective alternative to international business travel. More than 80% of the increase we have seen has been from organisations new to Regus and new to video communication.

“The overwhelming message is that next time they’re contemplating business travel they’ll reach for their VC remote, not their passport.”

Dixon adds: “Our research suggests that VC can reduce business travel costs by up to 75% costs with negligible carbon emissions.”

President and CEO Steve Delity of Rapid Micro Biosystems Inc., located in Bedford Massachusetts, opted for video communication when they found out that their flights to Europe were cancelled.

“We do a lot of international business, the grounding of flights for such a long time could have been seriously debilitating,” said Delity. “However, instead of cancelling our business critical meetings we opted for a video link up instead. It gave us the ability to maintain contact with our customers and partners, so it’s been business as usual for us.”

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