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Views on Gender Discrimination at Work

Views on Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender discrimination

The research shows that one in six respondents believe that men and women and treated differently at work, with 12% believing that men are treated better than women. Only 5% believe that women are treated better.

15% of female respondents believe that men are given preferential treatment, almost half of whom said that men are more likely to be promoted and 38% think that men are also better paid.

9% of male respondents believe that women fair better at work, citing reasons such as greater lenience towards women (46%) and believing that women find it easier to get time off.

Joint MD at IFF Research, Jan Shury, commented that the results show a “stark gender divide” among those who think discrimination exists.

“What’s even more interesting is the form in which people think discrimination takes place as this also differs greatly between the sexes,” said Jan, according to HR Magazine. “Men are seen as having an advantage in remuneration and career progression, whereas women are seen to be ahead in terms of how they are treated at a more personal level.”

Shury added: “We can take comfort from our findings that, although 17% believe the sexes are treated differently, 78% think they are treated the same; this latter figure is pretty consistent across both the men and women we interviewed. Nonetheless, it seems we still have a way to go before perceptions of gender bias are confined to a tiny minority.”

Do you believe that gender discrimination still exists in the workplace? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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