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University of Hull Seeks Green Businesses

University of Hull Seeks Green Businesses

The University of Hull is looking for green businesses.

As the government steps up its pledge to transform the UK into a greener thinking, more sustainable country, the University of Hull – led by Professor David Gibbs of the Department of Geography – aims to conduct detailed interviews with a number of ‘green’ business owners.

The purpose of this research is to highlight the challenges faced by these companies, and how their sustainable futures can be better protected.

Researcher Kirstie O’Neill said that they wish to speak to “anyone who is trying to make a difference to the environment through their business”. However, their ideal subjects will be those firms that are committed to sustainability – rather than those that just have a recycling box in reception.

“We’re looking for businesses that are doing something more fundamental than turning off light switches and recycling,” she said. “They might be processing their products in a more environmentally beneficial way or trying to influence consumers to make greener choices. They might also be concerned about the dominance of big business and be actively trying to make changes to the way their sector operates.”

She added: “We’re interested in what really motivates people to become green entrepreneurs in the first place, what challenges or opportunities they face and why some regions seem to foster green businesses more successfully than others.”

In addition to businesses that are harnessing sustainable values, the researchers are also keen to speak to support organisations, such as those that provide funding, advice and assistance for green businesses.

Commenting on the objectives of the study, Professor Gibbs – who is leading the research – said:

“At a national level, there is a great deal of discussion about a sustainable economy and the current government has expressed its desire to be the greenest ever,” he said. “We want to see what impact that agenda is having at a regional and local level.

“There have already been several studies of social and community enterprises in the green sector. But we want to concentrate on people who combine their green ideals with running a business.”

For further details and to enquire about taking part in the survey, contact Kirstie O’Neill at

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