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Is This the Ultimate Office Playlist?

Is This the Ultimate Office Playlist?

Ever wondered what the colleague next to you is listening to when they don their earphones? Apparently, the smart money is on Adele…

Listening to music in the office

WeΓÇÖve written about the importance of sound in the office before but now a survey by Spotify has revealed exactly what the UKΓÇÖs office workers are listening to.

According to the survey, 61% of office workers listen to music at their desks, with 36% of these saying that music helps them through the workday.

But while workers claim that listening to music makes them happier, this didnΓÇÖt stop them naming Adele, the songstress behind weepy ode ΓÇ£Someone Like YouΓÇ¥, as their favourite artist for workday listening.

Based on office workersΓÇÖ preferences, the team over at Spotify came up with the following list which theyΓÇÖve dubbed the ΓÇ£ultimate office playlistΓÇ¥:

Top ten workplace tracks:

  1. Adele: Someone Like You
  2. Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?
  3. Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait
  4. Rihanna: Diamonds
  5. Katy Perry, Juicy J: Dark Horse
  6. Beyoncé, Jay-Z: Drunk in Love
  7. Bruno Mars: Treasure
  8. Lady GaGa, R. Kelly: Do What U Want
  9. Calvin Harris: Under Control
  10. Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers: Get Lucky

The Adele track aside, itΓÇÖs a decidedly upbeat, poppy list which perhaps reflects the fact that workers turn to music as a way to lift their mood. Indeed, the survey also found that 20% listen to music as a way to alleviate job boredom.

Meanwhile 16% use it as a tool to drown out annoying co-workers so that they can focus on the task in hand.

Battle of the genres

While classical music is widely believed to improve cognitive performance, this holds no sway among office workers. The most popular genre to listen to at the desk was pop music which accounted for 34% of the vote, followed by rock music (29%) and indie (22%).

Music – the key to office productivity?

But perhaps the choice of music doesnΓÇÖt matter so much ΓÇô as long as you enjoy it.

The increased sense of happiness and relaxation we get when listening to music (the result of the release of dopamine by the brain) has been connected with a wide variety of effects which could be beneficial in the workplace.

These include a reduction in anxiety levels, as well as an improvement in overall mood which boosts motivation levels. This in turn has been linked with a variety of improvements in workplace performance. Studies have variously shown that those who listen to music in the office can work more quickly, are able to think more creatively, and can even complete tasks more accurately.

So there you go. Do we need a better excuse to choose our office soundtrack?

So what do you think? Is this the ultimate office playlist? No? WhatΓÇÖs yours?

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