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Twit-Off: Employees Nervous About Social Media

Twit-Off: Employees Nervous About Social Media

Despite nearly 1-in-6 of the UK population actively ΓÇ£TweetingΓÇ¥ and over 900 million worldwide users posting on Facebook each month, it would appear that employees are reluctant to mix business with the pleasures of social media according to a new survey.

Identified within an annual survey conducted by Kelly Services, employees were shown to be shying away from extending their appetite for social media in to the workplace ΓÇô despite employers encouraging its use and ΓÇ£championing it as a tool for businessΓÇ¥

According to the survey nearly 75% of those questioned stated that they felt it was ΓÇ£not appropriateΓÇ¥ to express or share work-related opinions through social media outlets. What is particularly interesting however was that this natural nervousness revealed itself despite only 6% of employees saying that they had been ΓÇ£warnedΓÇ¥ about the use of social media by their employer.

The survey also showed that 44% of employees felt that social media was having a negative impact on productivity levels in the workplace ΓÇô with the main concerns seeming to focus on the potential of creating conflict with colleagues.

While employees showed clear reservations about their individual use of social media in a professional capacity, 30% did believe that their employer should be making use of such platforms ΓÇô seeing them as a valuable and worthwhile communication tool that should be invested in.

Considering how readily we post, share and dissolve our personality (And one-time privacy?) into the worldwide web, could this reluctance be a clear line in the sand between public and private? Or could the inclusion of your employer be an uncomfortable reminder that Big Brother may be watching?

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Author: | July 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

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