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Trend Alert: Introducing the Doggy Business Lounge

Trend Alert: Introducing the Doggy Business Lounge

You might want meeting rooms, a café, maybe even an onsite gym – but here’s one facility we’re certain you won’t have on your office wishlist: a doggy business lounge. (Yes, you read that right the first time.)

Office Dog on Desk

WeΓÇÖve written about the benefits of pets in the office before. WeΓÇÖll probably write about it again, given the UKΓÇÖs growing enthusiasm for our four-legged friends and our ever never-ending search for a healthier office life.

But hereΓÇÖs something we hadnΓÇÖt thought about until now.

One forward-thinking office building in the US has introduced a specially designed doggy business lounge for office canines.

Instead of designer seating and tables, the Dog Lounge in the Dexter Horton Building in Seattle is furnished with faux grass and pretend fire hydrants, all to ensure that Fido and friends feel right at home. Of course, itΓÇÖs also a space for them to do their business ΓÇô but not to worry, this breakout space even has an under-floor system to flush away waste and keep it smelling clean and fresh.

According to the owners whose dogs have used it so far, it really works.

Bizarre? Well, a little. But itΓÇÖs also a very practical solution for those who want to bring their dogs into the office. And letΓÇÖs face it, the alternative ΓÇô taking them outside every couple of hours ΓÇô can be seriously disruptive to office life.

We reckon that during a hard dayΓÇÖs work in the office, every good dog deserves a little time out in their very own, specially designed business lounge.

So whatΓÇÖs next? A giant litter tray business lounge for kitties? A networking aquarium for office goldfish? The opportunities are endless. WeΓÇÖll be watching with interest.

So, would you like to see the doggy business lounge coming to a business centre near you soon? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(Image: “Alex on the Desk. Yawning” by Mike Haw, licensed CC BY 2.0 ΓÇô cropped for use.)

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Author: | June 9, 2014 | 1 Comment

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