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Trading Gossip has so far kept away

Trading Gossip has so far kept away

However, we couldn’t help but mention Liverpool Indian restaurant Gulshan, which is making its own contribution to the Go Superlambananas extrava-ganza, starting next month.

Owner Mustafa Rahman, below, has a new dish to mark the occasion, but we can reveal the special curry will be known as the Superlambhunana.

You can bet it will contain both lamb and bananas.

LIVERPOOL Land Development Company has gone out on a high with two prestigious national awards. The Construction Confederation has handed LLDC, now part of super-quango Liverpool Vision, and its partner, Birse Civils, a silver award for work on the new business park at Stone-bridge.
A bronze award was also given to [LLDC and Halcrow & Birse Civils for the major facelift at Horrocks Avenue, in Garston. On the day of the awards, building firm Carillion flew a small plane above Liverpool city centre trailing behind it a banner which read: “Good luck LLDC from Carillion.” A wonderful gesture, and shame on anyone who would dare suggest it was a spectacular attempt at brown-nosing.

JUST when you thought you’d heard it all, a new collection of cringe worthy office terminology pops up. has a list of some of the latest gems. Apparently brainstorming is now “thought showering”, taking on a horrible task is known in some quarters as “swallowing the frog”.

Oh, and your desktop PC should now be referred to as your “square headed spouse”.

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