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Touch, Smell, Sound ΓÇô Engaging the Senses in the Workplace

Touch, Smell, Sound ΓÇô Engaging the Senses in the Workplace

ThereΓÇÖs more to creating the perfect office environment than meets the eye. These innovative companies have gone to whole new levels to engage the senses in the workplace.

Eau de Office

WhatΓÇÖs that smell? According to serviced office provider Avanta itΓÇÖs the sweet scent of success.
The company have recently launched an exclusive signature scent, Ascent, to boost office workersΓÇÖ productivity levels.

According to Ruth Mastenbroek, the expert perfumier who collaborated with Avanta on the project, Ascent is a blend of ΓÇ£peppermint to clear the mind and increase focus and concentration, as well as citrus notes which have an uplifting effectΓÇ¥.

And whether it boosts your productivity levels or not, itΓÇÖs bound to create a more pleasant environment for visitors and workers alike.

The sweet, melodious sound of… coffee cups?

Despite our need to concentrate, most of us donΓÇÖt want to work in an office thatΓÇÖs so quiet it could pass for a library. Even the experts agree that sound is actually good for us, boosting our motivation and improving our ability to focus.

You just need to choose the soundtrack for your office carefully. It could be soothing classical music, or pumping rock. It could even be whalesong and or the summertime sounds of the birds.

The developers behind Coffitivity have found something even better. Simply visit their site to pump ambient coffee shop sounds into your office ΓÇô and feel the boost in motivation. Apparently, itΓÇÖs just the right kind of noise to stimulate the creative side of your brain. Or, as they put it, ΓÇ£enough noise to workΓÇ¥.

Touchy-feely hairy walls

Squishy seating areas, fancy rugs, even padded walls and indoor grass… office furnishings seem to get ever more tactile. But Google Japan takes texture to the max with its hairy walls . Yes, hairy walls. Oh, and they’re blue, too.

The trend towards an increasingly tactile approach to office design is perhaps a natural reaction to our increasingly virtual working lives. With less paper and files as we move towards cloud-based services, and less handshakes as face-to-face meetings are replaced with video conferencing, it seems that the office environment is becoming more and more tactile to redress the balance.

Fancy giving any of these methods a go in your office? What else have you tried to enhance the working environment?

Image of textured seating area in GoogleΓÇÖs London offices by martinvarsavksy via Flickr.

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