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Top Tech for Business in Bed

Top Tech for Business in Bed

The idea of conducting business in bed is – far from what you might be thinking – actually something that 1 in 3 of us are doing.

New research suggests that a colossal 35% of people use their bed as impromptu office space – checking their emails before they even get up in the morning. This brings new meaning to working undercover. Furthermore as reported by, this trend is set to continue – as the option to work from home (and from bed) is high on the wish-list of office workers who would happily trade a payrise for more flexible working.

But why are so many people trading pillow talk for work emails?

It’s all down to a tech-inspired shift in culture. With the evolution of Wi-Fi enabled mobile technology, devices such as mobile phones and tablets are becoming part of our person. They are always on us and they are always on. They’re our link with family and friends, our connection to the outside world, they’re our Sat Nav, our entertainment, and they’re by our bedside when we go to bed. They’re also our alarm clocks, which means for many of us it’s the first thing we reach for in the morning.

And it can be difficult to ignore that flashing email icon when you reach to bash the snooze button.

If that sounds like you, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole new range of handy tools out there to help make your bed-bound office a much more comfortable place. You might wonder how working from bed could possibly be a hardship. But according to a growing number of hardware and homeware retailers, today’s bed-worker is at risk of various calamities – such as back ache, wobbly laptops, losing your mouse in the duvet, and spilling your morning coffee.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite tools to help make your bed the perfect secondary office.

The Swiss Army Knife of Bed Trays

This got-it-all laptop stand is everything the bed-worker could ever need. It’s a bed desk that’s designed to help workers find the most comfortable position thanks to its adjustable fittings. It has a ledge to prevent the laptop sliding off, a special mouse pad surface and a cup holder. Why would you ever need to leave your bed?


Great name aside, US-based LapDawg produces a number of different tools for bed-bound workers. From the O-Stand, a flexible e-reader for horizontal working, to the LapDawg X4 – a nifty bit of kit described as your own “personal companion table”, bed just became the new word in workspace.

Back-Seat Workers

For those times when you’re forced out of bed to attend a meeting, Bed, Bath & Beyond produce the perfect solution to back-seat taxi transfers. The ‘Real Simple Workstation’ is a low-cost laptop stand that hooks neatly onto the back of the front passenger seat, giving you a handy laptop stand. It also doubles up as a laptop bag complete with interior pockets. Talk about mobile working.


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