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Top Five Gadgets and Gizmos

Top Five Gadgets and Gizmos

Another year is almost over – it’s out with the old and in with 2013. But not before we’ve had a chance to celebrate some of the most innovative bits of tech to hit the market in 2012, with our Top Five Gadgets and Gizmos.

It’s fair to say we had a bit of fun compiling this list, and more than one of these brilliant gadgets has made its way onto the Christmas wish-lists of the team (by the way we’ve been really, really good this year…) And novelty factor aside, some of these funky gadgets might actually come in handy at work too. Just think, next time you’re sitting in your office wondering how to avoid starting that management report, asking a voice-activated robot to fire popcorn at your face could be the perfect solution…

1: Pebble Watch – It does everything apart from wash up

This crowdfunding sensation generated over $10m in funding, and it’s not hard to see why. Pebble is a smart-watch that hooks up to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting the wearer with silent vibrations to incoming calls, emails and messages which can be displayed on your wrist. It uses the same e-paper technology you’d find in Amazon’s Kindle, so needless to say it’s pretty smart stuff. Time you got one?

2: Oakley Airwave Goggles – Skiing just got ridiculously high-tech

Goin’ skiing? Then you need these swanky Oakley Airwave Goggles. They connect to a smartphone to allow skiiers to receive emails and text messages, which are displayed in front of the wearer’s eyes. Incoming calls can be connected to an earpiece, and ski-savvy data such as speed, location, altitude and distance travelled is also displayed. A wireless controller worn on the wrist can also control music selection. It’s the ultimate millionaire’s toy. But at ┬ú500 apiece, you don’t have to be earning mega-bucks to own a pair. Talk about “cool”.

3: Spy Pen – A lesson in how to upset your colleagues

Go all James Bond with this nifty Spy Pen, which hides a video camera under its pen disguise. A tiny lens captures video and audio and stores it inside the pen’s internal memory, which can later be uploaded to a computer via its concealed USB connector. It’s pretty useful for recording meeting minutes, and it’s actually a working pen too. Naturally this clever little device has already landed plenty of snoops in trouble, so be considerate. Or you might find yourself on the receiving end of a cranky colleague that’s worthy of any James Bond villain.

4: Memoto – Life tracker

Fancy tracking your life without raising a finger? Leave it to the Memoto camera. This tiny camera and GPS device clips onto your clothing and automatically snaps photos as you go. As long as you’re wearing it, it’s constantly snapping away at a rate of two photos a minute. It comes with a swish app that neatly organises your photos, provides information on where each one was taken, and orientates them too – so you’ll always be presented with upright images. ItΓÇÖs weather protected too. We think it’s a pretty snappy bit of kit.

5: The Popinator – Pointless but oh so much fun

The perfect toy for a lazy Friday afternoon in the office. The Popinator is a bizarre yet strangely cool bit of tech that shoots pieces of popcorn into your mouth on voice-activated commands. Just say the word “pop” and hey presto – a mouthful of popcorn. But there’s more. The clever Popinator uses a snazzy microphone system to take careful aim based on soundwaves, which makes it much more accurate than your mate’s wayward targeting skills.

Which one has made its way onto your Christmas present list?


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