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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Never enough hours in the day? Feeling overloaded? Office becoming like home?

We bring you the top five ways to improve your work-life balance with the help of Heather Townsend, founder of The Efficiency Coach and author of the FT Guide to Business Networking.

1) Break down your workload

As Heather says, “Rome was definitely not built in a day”. Rather than trying to achieve a goal immediately, break it down into small, workable tasks and milestones, making sure each one has its own realistic deadline date.

2) Ask clients for deadlines

Ask clients when they want work completed by. It’s possible that they have reasonable lead times and donΓÇÖt want the work immediately, so don’t overload yourself by assuming they need it now.

3) Set up an end-of-day routine

A regular end-of-day routine can help you to wind down at the end of the working day. Heather recommends a simple “to do” list for the next day, which can help to clear your head of those niggling little tasks and let you relax for the evening, before going back to work fresh the next day.

4) Have proper ‘away’ time

This includes turning off your Blackberry when you’re at home in the evenings and not checking your emails when youΓÇÖre on holiday. It helps if you leave an out-of-office auto reply to tell people that you are unavailable during set dates, as this will set expectations.

5) Split household chores

Heather says that the trick to a good work-life balance is having time to recharge your batteries. If you have a list of tasks to do when you get home from a long day at work, this can affect the balance.

“The more that you can share around responsibilities between people in the house – or use the services of a cleaner or housekeeper – the more time that you will have to enjoy yourself when not working,” she says.

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