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Top 15 reasons to choose a serviced office

Top 15 reasons to choose a serviced office
Obtain a serviced office at prime locations, such as in the City of London

Here at we know that serviced offices come with a long directory of corporate benefits. So we’ve put together our Top 15 to help you find out more about how serviced offices can help your business grow.

To find out more or to start searching for a flexible serviced office space solution, either in the UK, the US or internationally, visit our website at We provide a consultative service which is completely free – so take advantage of our expert knowledge of the office property market and get help finding and securing an office in your preferred location, or let us do the searching for you, by contacting our team of consultants.

The benefits of serviced offices…

1) Budget with ease – businesses choosing a serviced office have all rents and rates rolled into one easily managed monthly payment, making budgeting for overheads a much simpler process.

2) Ready to go – businesses normally won’t have to furnish, decorate or maintain their serviced offices, and should expect to be able to move in and get connected to broadband and telephone services straight away.

3) Free local advice – when searching for flexible office space through, businesses will receive a completely free service with no obligation. Our property consultants are also split by geography, so you’ll get an expert in your preferred location to help with your search.

4) Reception and welcome facilities – many serviced offices come with shared, managed reception facilities and services, so your corporate visitors can be greeted professionally.

5) Meeting rooms – most serviced offices provide shared meeting facilities and suites along with a booking system, so you can use ad hoc meeting rooms as and when needed.

6) Flexible – serviced offices are notably flexible, with initial contract terms starting from just a few months up to a maximum average of around 12 months. The terms are often based on a monthly rolling contract too – so you won’t have to sign lengthy agreements for years in advance.

7) Match your workforce size – serviced office spaces can be rented for anything from one or two desks (often referred to as workstations) upwards, so you can match the size and nature of your workforce. You can also easily upsize or downsize as and when appropriate.

8) Small businesses – the easily managed cost and flexible terms of serviced offices mean they are ideal for smaller businesses and start-up enterprises. There is also a comparatively small deposit required unlike that of a conventionally leased office property.

9) Satellite offices – businesses seeking project or satellite offices usually sign up to a serviced office terms, due to the flexible and short-term licenses involved. You can stay in your office for the duration of the project and then typically terminate your office contract with just a month’s notice.

10) Location – serviced offices through are available in a huge directory of locations all across the UK, the US, and internationally.

11) Business image – boost your presence by signing up to a serviced office space in a key UK location or in a prestigious property, with anything from one workstation upwards.

12) Don’t delay – with a serviced office, the offices will usually be ready to go – including executive chairs, desks, broadband and phones – so your business will be able to move in very quickly.

13) Short and simple – the terms you sign when moving into a serviced office are simple, and won’t require the help of a solicitor – thus cutting out the cost of renting legal assistance.

14) IT support – most serviced offices provide excellent, managed IT networks, broadband connection and IT support. So you won’t have to foot the bill or spend time arranging a technician if something goes wrong.

15) Networking – renting a flexible serviced office space is an excellent method of meeting new clients, suppliers, or future employees. With many companies, start-ups and freelancers centred in one property, sometimes working side by side in an open-plan environment, the networking opportunities are endless.

For more information relating to serviced offices, visit our website at You can also speak to one of our property consultants for free, local and no-obligation advice at any time.

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