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Top 10 Endangered Office Products

Top 10 Endangered Office Products

These iconic yet humble pieces of office paraphernalia, once a staple part of every workplace, have declined in value and popularity to the point where they could soon disappear altogether – pushed out into the cold by ever-faster and more efficient pieces of kit.

Will they decline to the point of extinction in 2012, or will we see an unexpected comeback?

Top 10 Endangered Office Products:

1. Desk phones: Already ditched by over a quarter of consumers, the desk phone is being ousted by smartphones and more flexible forms of working. Over 45% of UK mobile phone users now have a smartphone – the capabilities of which far outweigh the once fundamental desk phone.

2. USB sticks: Both USB sticks and blank CDs have fallen victim to cloud-based networks and services, as the rate of small companies signing up for cloud-based services – provided by the likes of Google and Apple – has doubled in the past six months.

3. Blank CDs: As above

4. Scanners: Digital signatures and watermarks are fast outstripping the requirements of paper based communication. Another step towards the paperless office?

5. Calculators: Did you know that 40 years ago a standalone calculator cost around £1,000? They are now under threat by the smartphone, digital calculators and electronic spreadsheets.

6. Filing cabinets: Both filing cabinets and paper in-trays are falling victim to cloud computing, as well as the fact that businesses are trying to cut costs by reducing the need for storage. Millions of files can now be kept remotely, making it easier, safer and more convenient than on-site storage.

7. Paper in-trays: As above

8. The office notice board: Both noticeboards and post-it notes are being usurped by electronic messaging systems, ranging from email and instant messaging to Facebook and company intranet sites.

9. Post-It notes As above

10. Water coolers: Even the humble watercooler is under threat, as filtered water is seen as a better and more environmentally friendly alternative, as well as a cheaper option.

What are your thoughts on this top 10, and are you likely to phase out any office products in 2012? Leave your comments in the box below.

Thanks to PIXmania-PRO, Europe’s leading online B2B supplier, for compiling this top 10.

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