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The Wider Reach of Office Space

The Wider Reach of Office Space

One of the key considerations when choosing an office space is location, a factor which can have a major impact on the success of a business. At, the UKΓÇÖs largest independent broker of serviced office space, we help thousands of business each year to identify, negotiate and secure the right office space for their business needs.

But when a business makes the decision to take-on office space, whether it is a single desk or an entire building, it represents a significant financial commitment. But what is very easy to overlook are the wider economic implications of this decision, with the occupancy of that office space feeding the extensive list of services and suppliers that are required to keep the occupying business functioning to its full capacity.

Living in a country where commodities are widely available, it is perhaps easy to see why the far reaching effects of a day-to-day occurrence, such as a business entering a new office, can be overlooked ΓÇô you only have to note the ridiculous reactions (when you really think about it) in your average supermarket when a normally available piece of produce runs out.

But from telecoms to stationary and vending machine companies to the local café, the arrival of a new business can have a significant impact – triggering the starting point of a supply-chain that will ultimately feed out into the wider economy of the offices immediate location, the surrounding region and even impact upon both national and international trade.

Even businesses choosing to operate from serviced office space, an increasingly popular form of office accommodation providing cost effective packages and flexibility, are part of this extensive network.

While these firms will often be paying for access to services (telecoms, internet etc.), rather than taking direct responsibility for the installation and upkeep, the serviced office provider will be ΓÇô albeit placing a buffer-zone between its clients and the outward supply chain. Serviced offices can also provide a ΓÇ£buffer-zoneΓÇ¥ of sorts to external service providers and suppliers.

By offering flexibility to its clients, serviced offices allow for the possibility of ΓÇ£tenantΓÇ¥ businesses both increasing and decreasing in size. While the expansion of such businesses would generate an additional demand for the external supply chain to fulfill, by also accommodating the need for businesses to downsize, but remain in the same location, it limits the impact on supply chain ΓÇô meaning that trade, although diminished, remains active.

Listing over 2500 serviced office locations available in the UK and over 5000+ Worldwide, provides a free service that allows business owners from London to Los Angles to identify and secure the ideal office space for their business needs.

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