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The UKΓÇÖs Most Popular Recession Busters

The UKΓÇÖs Most Popular Recession Busters

In tough times, there are thousands of websites and salesmen advertising the best way to make money and survive the recession. Some of these techniques have yielded profits for the everyman while others have failed to take off.

From among the legions of promised deals, weΓÇÖve singled out BritainΓÇÖs most popular ways to pocket their income and save the spend.

1. Not Using It? Sell It!

At the end of 2011, eBay reported a sharp rise in profits following steady yearly growth as more and more people flocked to the online auctioneer to make money off their goods. Selling off property to make serious money is arguably the most popular way of making money during the recession.

2. Hunt Those Bargains

Somewhat predictably, the economic downturn has resulted in a number of bargain basements popping up to cash in on the opportunity. From competitive supermarkets to 99p and £1 shops, discount stores have been reporting growing success in recent years. For many, this has meant that the chance to bag a bargain is more prevalent than ever!

3. Renting Your Space

Why not become your own bargain basement? According to reports, the number of private tenancy agreements is dropping with the eviction of thousands of lodgers from the beginning of the recession. It turns out saving doesnΓÇÖt mean sharing your home ΓÇô many people are now in the habit of renting out their parking space at less than the local NCP.

4. From Surfing to Spending

You might have seen the banners all screaming the same headline: Make Money Online! Does it really work? Well, apparently itΓÇÖs a scam a lot of the time. But legitimate online services have been paying people during troubled times to take surveys, sell their information to advertisers and review new products.

5. DIY Entrepreneurialism

With the rise of crafty sites like Pinterest, people around the world have been taking up creative hobbies not just for the home but to sell online! While start-up businesses and home workers rise throughout the recession, some funded by government incentives, people in their own homes have been turning their skills into something sellable.

How have you been beating off the recession? Share your top tips and ask your questions in the comments below.

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