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The Tragic Tale of Battersea Power Station

The Tragic Tale of Battersea Power Station

Once a living legend on the London skyline, Battersea Power Station could fast be losing favour as it approaches its 30th year of disuse and another redevelopment project collapses.

Despite the Grade II listing awarded in 1980, Battersea could well be facing its final days if it canΓÇÖt find a buyer to bring it back to life.

But the building was once the realised dream of a man who also gave us red telephone boxes and the Tate Modern gallery, and despite the decades of serial disappointment that have passed, the proposals for this London landmark have been many…

ΓÇó Thames Theme Park

Alton Towers Ltd once pitched the idea of an indoor theme park to celebrate Britain’s industrial past. The site was worked on with this goal in mind for 2 years in the 1980s until the funds ran out. The cost of renovations had exploded from £35m to £230m and would have required a minimum 2 million visitors a year to generate income.

ΓÇó South Bank Shopping

When a Hong Kong development firm showed interest in Battersea Power Station in the 1990s, there was a dream of a vast 180-strong shopping centre complete with restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs, a cinema, exhibition halls and a riverside path. This was another dream destined for the scrap heap.

ΓÇó Battersea Office Space

Naturally, weΓÇÖre interested to learn that Battersea could once have been home to 3.5 million sq.ft. of very central London office space, as well as 3,400 residential apartments. Had these plans gone ahead, around 15,000 jobs could have been created and the area could have been stunningly revitalised as a base for dozens of London businesses.

ΓÇó Football Club

Just a few years ago, Chelsea FC was reported to consider relocation to the iconic power station for their football grounds. A spokesperson came out against this statement claiming that while designs had been drawn up, the club had not asked for them. However the rumour resurfaced in November 2011, only to vanish again when the latest deal tanked.

ThereΓÇÖs never a shortage of suitors for the iconic landmark, but after 30 years weΓÇÖre beginning to fear the old girl may not be able to go the distance. Is it time to put an end to the tragic tale of the once-beautiful Battersea?

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Author: | February 15, 2012 | 1 Comment

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