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The Strangest Start-Up Businesses

The Strangest Start-Up Businesses

They say you can make a business out of anything. But do they work? We bring you some of the strangest start-up business models around…

Some of the most unusual businesses are not necessarily the lowest performing. In the world of ΓÇÿnicheΓÇÖ marketing some entrepreneurs really have targeted tiny and lesser-known consumer needs.

Read on to discover just a handful of the many weird and wonderful start-ups out there.

Litter Kwitter

Jo LapidgeΓÇÖs unique business was initially considered as she watched the film ΓÇÿMeet the ParentsΓÇÖ, wherein a strictly trained cat makes use of the human facilities. To this entrepreneur and cat lover, it didnΓÇÖt seem like an unfeasible solution to what she called ΓÇÿlitter box miseryΓÇÖ.

After 45 test cats, 15 different prototypes and nine months, Lapidge had a product and a business model. ‘Litter Kwitter’ is now in most high street pet retail stores around the world and one pack sells at approximately £40 in the UK.

Superfan Suits

What better way to support your team than to turn up on match day entirely covered in a single coloured spandex suit? At least, thatΓÇÖs how Chicago company Superfan Suits sees it.

Superfan specialises in spandex all-in-ones that cover the wearerΓÇÖs face and head as well as the rest of the body, down to the tips of the toes and fingers. There are around 100 different varieties of the suit and each costs about $50 in the US.

Baby Bangs

For those fashion conscious parents of newborns with a light tuft of downy hair, there is a service that will provide your child with a wig. Entrepreneur Lisa Campbell really has targeted a truly unique and perhaps previously unforeseen niche market.

Consumers on the hunt for ΓÇÿBaby BangsΓÇÖ can choose from six different hair colours for their child and five different hairband design and buy one little wig for $30 in the US.

Virtual Eternity

For those who have lost loved ones, a service now exists to digitally recreate their dearly departed as an online avatar. This virtual being does not just look like the deceased, but talks and moves realistically and can actually be interacted with.

The ΓÇÿVirtual EternityΓÇÖ programme run by Don Davidson supposedly creates virtual avatars that will live forever. Users can subscribe from as little as $5.95 a month or as much as $24.95 a month, depending on the level of service theyΓÇÖre after.

Do you know of any strange business models that shouldnΓÇÖt work but do? Share your favourites in the comments below!

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