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The Strangest Job Interview Stories

The Strangest Job Interview Stories

Have you ever experienced a job interview that has left you reeling in disbelief? Do you have horror stories, as an applicant or an examiner?

In case you havenΓÇÖt been exposed to the potential horrors ΓÇô and hilarity ΓÇô of strange interview practices, weΓÇÖve collected some of the best and most unusual stories from both sides of the desk.


ΓÇó Wardrobe Malfunctions

A wardrobe malfunction is not what you want in a job interview, but at least you can reasonably explain a spilt drink or a stubborn toothpaste stain. It was perhaps not as easy for the woman with the single missing shoe (stolen on the bus) or for the gentleman found in reception colouring his ankles black with a pen (heΓÇÖd forgotten his socks).

ΓÇó Hidden Surprises

For two unknown candidates and their stunned interviewers, surprise elements to their interviews were unavoidable. One job applicant directed attention away from his answers by inadvertently showcasing his underwear throughout, via a decent-sized tear in his trousers. Another gentlemanΓÇÖs briefcase burst open to reveal a large collection of ladiesΓÇÖ underwear, make up and perfume.

ΓÇó Time Management Issues

Running late to an interview may be a well-known fear for many an applicant ΓÇô but some really do take time management issues to entirely new levels. Halfway through one personΓÇÖs interview a loud alarm clock began ringing from his briefcase. The applicant switched off the device, announced he didnΓÇÖt want to be late for another job interview, and left.


ΓÇó Head Scratchers

Many of us put incomprehensible maths equations involving the price of melons behind us with our school-era exams. Not so the interview panels at big name brands, who have been reported to ask such questions as: ΓÇÿHow many people are using Facebook in San Francisco at 2.30pm on a Friday?ΓÇÖ (Google) and ΓÇÿIf Germans were the tallest people in the world, how would you prove it?ΓÇÖ (HP).

ΓÇó Existential Enquiries

But at least mathematical questions have right or wrong answers. How would you respond in an interview if you were asked: ΓÇÿDoes life fascinate you?ΓÇÖ (Ernst & Young), ΓÇÿHow do you rate your life on a scale of one to ten?ΓÇÖ (Brown & Brown) or ΓÇÿDo you think Mahatma Gandhi would have made a good software engineer?ΓÇÖ (Deloitte).

ΓÇó Oddball Demands

ΓÇÿIΓÇÖm not going to talk, just entertain me for 5 minutesΓÇÖ may be a question that features in your pre-interview anxiety dreams but itΓÇÖs actually a reality for candidates applying for work at Acosta. To work at Trader JoeΓÇÖs, you might also be asked to share your views on garden gnomes and to stand a chance with Horizon Group Properties, youΓÇÖve really got to think outside the box: ΓÇÿHow would you get an elephant in a refrigerator?ΓÇÖ

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