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The Secret Lives of Loaded Londoners

The Secret Lives of Loaded Londoners

What can you get for your money in London? For most of us, what you get might not be much. But for the very, very rich residents or guests of the capital city, even the sky doesnΓÇÖt pose much of a limit.

Ridiculous requests backed by serious swag are enabled each and every day by the cityΓÇÖs well-connected concierges, who accept the often outlandish demands of their most powerful guests and endeavour to make the impossible possible.

Discover some of the most bizarre benefits of being rich…

Pausing the London Eye

Money might make the world go round but apparently it can also make London landmarks stop. For one ultra-rich man, it was possible to put a price on a birthday party high suspended high above the Thames overlooking the capital city.

Greasing the palm of a concierge, the unknown gentlemen succeeded in spending his sonΓÇÖs birthday with him on top of the London Eye, presumably looking out over a London he would one day be able to control as well.

Private Tours of the QueenΓÇÖs Property

There are some parts of Buckingham Palace that are occasionally open to the public and others, of course, that are not. But thereΓÇÖs no such thing as ΓÇÿrestricted accessΓÇÖ if you have money and a mission, as one Hawaii-based art enthusiast and doctor discovered upon request.

Hell-bent on seeing every Vermeer painting in existence, the doctor toured the world and hit a snag in London. One Vermeer belongs to the Queen and is located in her private residence. Not long a problem for this man and his concierge; an undisclosed sum of money changed hands and the doctor was privately taken into Buckingham Palace and given a few minutes alone with the painting.

Other Royal impossibilities you get for your money include tea at Prince CharlesΓÇÖ very private country home (although not in the company of the Prince) and time alone with the Crown Jewels.

Dawn Tours of Stonehenge

ItΓÇÖs not exactly a local landmark, but Stonehenge can be yours too if youΓÇÖre a rich London visitor. Simply talk to the concierge of your 5* London hotel and you could find yourself behind the ΓÇÿDo Not PassΓÇÖ lines at Stonehenge.

The Stonehenge ΓÇÿAll Access PassΓÇÖ is technically available to anyone with enough money and advanced booking ΓÇô but why wait on line with the common folk if youΓÇÖre awake early and fancy a little Paganism before breakfast?

For enough money, you can walk off the public path and privately enjoy the ancient boulders of Stonehenge at sunrise and even perform ceremonies ΓÇô as long as you donΓÇÖt get married, light a candle or invite your dog.

A London Bus for the Living Room

Ever watched a red bus pass you in the street and thought how great it would look in your home or on your driveway? Probably not. But one man leaving London after many years just couldnΓÇÖt bear to part with the iconic public transport vehicles and decided to take one home with him ΓÇô to Texas.

Talking to his concierge and identifying the soon-to-be decommissioned vehicle heΓÇÖd most like to see in his native state, the man paid his money and was able to ship the bus all the way to Texas and keep it for himself ΓÇô whether for decoration or driving is unknown.

If you had unlimited cash what impossible dream would you like to see realised? Share your wildest wishes in the comments below.

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