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The Net Worth of Networking

The Net Worth of Networking

Networking without an objective is just another nice lunch ΓÇô not that there is anything wrong with a nice lunch, but wouldnΓÇÖt it be great to make this expensive habit add real value to your business?

All too often I am told that networking events offer no value, with the general impression being that a bunch of people simply mill around, listen to a few presentations and enjoy the wine and sandwich platter.

But networking can be an effective way of adding value to your business – if it is approached with a plan and a clear set of objectives.

With this in mind we have outlined our 3 top tips for making the most out of the next time you mingle and mix.

#1 Putting Faces to Names

Who is due to attend and how could they benefit your business? These are two questions that you should be asking yourself ΓÇô and demanding that the organiser of the event help you answer.

By gaining an insight into who is due to attend, you have the opportunity to look at their company and identify if they could be a potential client or provider to your business.

Once you have researched who will be attending and identified those people that you would most like to speak with, donΓÇÖt be afraid to ask the organisers to point them out on the day and even introduce you ΓÇô after all this is what they are trying to encourage!

#2 Move In & Move On

DonΓÇÖt waste time chewing the fat ΓÇô you have paid to attend the event and need to make the most of the opportunity.

If you get cornered by someone who is simply looking to ΓÇ£chatΓÇ¥, excuse yourself and get back to your chosen targets ΓÇô failure to speak to them means that not only have you wasted the money you paid to attend the event, but you have also wasted the time you spent researching them before the event.

#3 More Than a One Night Stand

A phone call, an email or even an invitation to connect on LinkedIn – there are many opportunities for you to become memorable and accessible.

Try to approach networking events as more than a one-off, instead see them as an opportunity to establish long-term connections and generate future business.

Remember, even if your potential targets are not in a position to use your product or service now, situations and relationships are constantly evolving and remaining on their radar could help you get a foot in the door when the opportunity arises.


Do you have a top tip for making the most of networking?

If so why not share it below using our comment box?

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