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The Most Extreme Marketing Stunts

The Most Extreme Marketing Stunts

How far are you willing to go to promote your business? For some, not even the sky poses a limit to extreme and eye-catching marketing techniques…

Last week Felix Baumgartner fell 24 miles from space, breaking the sound barrier and the world record. The live streaming of the stunt, sponsored by Red Bull, attracted over 8 million viewers from around the world.

In a lot of ways, Baumgartner and Red Bull set new standards for stunt marketing. But how have previous brand champions compared?

Sir Richard Branson

The Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson represents an extreme marketing stunt in and of himself. HeΓÇÖs been involved in personally fronting his businesses with wild undertakings for many years and we can only hope for many more.

His many mad exploits have involved anything from dressing up as a young bride to jet skiing across Las VegasΓÇÖs famous fountain to driving a tank through New York City to throwing himself off skyscrapers.

Bravia Colours San Francisco

When Sony needed to make consumers aware of a brand new line of Bravia TVs, it decided the best way was to drop a quarter of a million colourful bouncy balls onto San Francisco.

As a city known for its steep inclines, this naturally resulted in a flood of colour drenching the streets of the Californian icon. For stunned onlookers of both the drop and the epic six-day clean-up effort, the name ΓÇÿBraviaΓÇÖ wonΓÇÖt soon be forgotten.

SamsungΓÇÖs 3D TV Concert

How do you properly communicate the sudden thrill and awesome innovation that is 3D televisions landing in a 2D world that isnΓÇÖt easy to impress?

Samsung managed to bring people on board with their new product by landing the Black Eyed Peas in the middle of Times Square for an impromptu free concert. It was filmed by the famous director of The Titanic and became a quick viral hit.

The Face from Space

In the Nevada desert brand gurus created a giant depiction of Colonel Sanders, the mascot for KFC Chicken. After 24 days the 87,500 sq ft logo was completed in full colour.

According to the PR eventsΓÇÖ website, as well as being seen from Google Earth, this stunt makes KFC the owner of the first brand logo that can be seen from space. Photos and footage of the construction have received over 550 million viewers.

Naked Brand Runners

In 2002, Vodafone slightly overstepped the mark by encouraging two people to get naked, paint the Vodafone logo on their bodies and streak across the Tri-Nations match between the New Zealander All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies.

The stunt actually caused far-reaching backlash against the brand. As the act itself was illegal and the two participants arrested, Vodafone was forced to offer a full public apology and donates tens of thousands to sports-related charities.

Have any mad media stunts caught your attention and persuaded you to buy? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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