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The Insider Weekly: Mo Bros, Tin Tin & Sirius Black’s Tache

The Insider Weekly: Mo Bros, Tin Tin & Sirius Black’s Tache

Welcome back to the blog – and Edition 5 of the Insider Weekly!

If you’ve been living on Mars for the past few weeks and know nothing of the Insider Weekly, then make sure you read Edition 1 for a full introduction and don’t forget to catch up on the previous editions by following the links below. As ever, this week’s issue delves into the lives of the team and what they all get up to outside the world of work.

You’re always welcome to join in with your own news by leaving a comment below, and to make sure you never miss another edition of the Insider Weekly, get on the distribution list by dropping me a quick email here. Enjoy!

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Today is a very special day of remembrance as the first and only time that we mark Armistice Day on 11 – 11 – 11 – 11. joined the rest of the nation by falling silent at 11.00am to remember the brave souls who gave their lives for our freedom, and those that continue to do so in modern conflicts across the world.

Find out more about Remembrance Sunday and the annual Poppy Appeal via the British Legion online at

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Throughout the month of November, the OB ‘Magnificent Seven’ have downed razors as part of the annual ‘Movember’ moustache-growing fundraising event in support of men’s health. Now on Day 11, there are some very serious tache-developing attempts taking place by seven males, namely Simon Jones and Alec Ryan (Marketing), along with Stephen Preston, Gareth Smith, Craig Stewart, Chris Mapp and Gerard Richards in Sales.

Please support our team and help us to raise money for vital prostate and testicular cancer research initiatives, by following the link and donating as much as you can afford: The OB Team Tache Taskforce.

View our Magnificent Seven Moustaches here.

Marketing Mo-bros Simon and Alec say that this weekend will mostly be spent playing the new Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3, in-between tending to their respective taches. Elsewhere in Marketing, Jo is going to see Evanescence in Brum on Sunday night, video editor Michelle is continuing her self-taught German lessons this weekend, and Vikki has an exciting Saturday lined up in the salon… getting her fringe cut.

Across the room in the Finance department, Sarah is making final preparations for her holiday to Hong Kong and Thailand next week, where among other things she is planning to go on a day’s elephant trekking!

Also in Finance, star singer Michelle, who recently took part in a charity Stars in Their Eyes event, singing renditions by Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding, has appeared in the Tamworth Herald for her part in raising over £800 during the event for Cancer Research UK.

Here she is pictured presenting the cheque to Susan Giblin from Cancer Research UK alongside fellow organisers Dave Stagg and Bethany Charlesworth-Pittman.

In IT, Joey is going to visit former IT Manager Neil at his new home near Chertsey, and for the rest of the weekend he says that he will mostly be playing Battlefield 3, which is apparently the game of choice for “real people”.

Over in Sales, Stephen Turner, who is taking on the gruelling Sucata Split banger race next year, has finally managed to find himself a scrap car worthy of the trek along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia in May, although heΓÇÖs a little dubious of its potential – being as it cost just ┬ú185.

“It needs a lot of work to get ready!” he said. “I drove it and it seems ok, it just looks awful.”

Stephen and his ‘Top Gun’ team are hoping to transform the wreck into something of a car-shaped F-14, and has already planned the stick-on wings to perfection.

Now he just needs to make it road-worthy, but is confident that heΓÇÖll be able to drive it to work one day soon. Needless to say, he says he’s planning to spend most of this weekend welding.

Elsewhere in Sales, Andy Bilson is taking baby Laila-Rose for her first swim (for those who don’t know, Laila was born so quickly that she beat the midwives to it and brave Andy had to deliver her himself!), and Dean Ridsdill has recently celebrated his son Harry’s second birthday. Harry is well-known here at HQ, as he was one of the cheeky chaps who took part in our childcare experiment last year, and definitely kept poor Dean on his toes for much of the day! Read more here (Harry is pictured second from the top).

Sales Manager Chris Mapp is going to see Tin Tin at the cinema this weekend with his mum, Richard Nash is entertaining family who are visiting from Spain, Claire is having trouble finding a bikini (yes, in November!) for her last-minute holiday to Gran Canaria next week, and Dan Mcleod is looking forward to trying out his posh new car this weekend as well as giving Leicester a thrashing with his regular football club, Rocester.

As an ‘Mo Bro’, Stephen Preston is turning his otherwise slightly embarrassing moustache to his advantage tomorrow, by going to a Harry Potter party as none other than the moustachioed Sirius Black.

“The moustache definitely has its uses!” he said. So all he needs now is long curly locks, a velvet jacket, and a godson called Harry. And a wand with magical powers. Surely that’s not too much to ask before tomorrow night?

We couldn’t let another edition of the Insider Weekly pass by without posting a photo of Selina’s puppy, Jinx, a South African Bull Mastiff. She was 10kgs at just 7 weeks when this photo was taken, and now at 12 weeks old she’s still piling on the pounds and getting steadily taller too, so watch this space for more (giant) puppy pictures over the coming weeks.

And for anyone planning to be in London on Saturday, watch out for several hundred roller skaters – including our very own Gerard – who are planning to skate around the capital en masse as part of Skate London 2011.

That’s it for this week, but we’ll be back next Friday with yet more antics!

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