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The Insider Weekly: ItΓÇÖs All About Christmas Trees

The Insider Weekly: ItΓÇÖs All About Christmas Trees

December is finally here – bringing with it the first of several very Christmas-y editions of the Insider Weekly! Find out what the team are getting up to in this weekΓÇÖs edition, and check out our archive to catch up on previous editions.

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It would seem as though the entire team are putting up Christmas trees this weekend.

Starting with Marketing, Liz is putting her tree up and also promises to find time to make her famous mince pies (hopefully sheΓÇÖll be bringing them into the office on Monday), while newbie Laura, who started this week, is looking forward to a very festive weekend in London watching The Snowman and going to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Rather reluctantly, Adam says heΓÇÖll be buying and putting up a tree this weekend, Simon is going hiking in the Lake District (although we suspect that the only hiking heΓÇÖll be doing is from one pub to another), and Al is going to a special birthday ΓÇÿdo for his Nan Rose – who turns 90 this weekend!

Vikki is treating her boyfriend Dan to a trip to the local Wychwood Brewery followed by a meal at the Mailbox in Birmingham, while Jo is looking forward to a girly weekend in Bruges (see left), where she plans to visit the Christmas market and try out some of their famous Belgian beer and chocolate (despite best intentions, itΓÇÖs very unlikely that any chocolate will make it home for Christmas).

Over in Finance, Lisa and Michelle are both looking forward to putting their Christmas trees up and buying those last few presents, Corinne (whoΓÇÖs tree was up, decorated and glowing last weekend) is planning a trip to Sheffield to brave Meadowhall (apparently, known locally as Meadowhell), and Sarah is going to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham to buy a few presents and sample a bit of gl├╝hwein. Prost!

In IT, Coombs is planning on decorating the Christmas tree with Mrs Coombs, while Joey is still reeling slightly from his Red Dwarf marathon last weekend, in which he watched 5 seasons back to back – around 30 episodes. Undeterred, he plans to make a start on the Heroes box-set this weekend, so weΓÇÖre hoping he wonΓÇÖt start displaying any gruesome Sylar-like moves next week.

On Reception, Kerry and Nicky have been counting down the days to this weekend, when theyΓÇÖll be enjoying a visit to the German market in Birmingham followed by a night out in the Arcadian.

Stu will be going to Retail Explosion – a one-day sale of everything from furniture to electronics – where apparently everything must go! If that doesnΓÇÖt finish him off, he will be going to the Classic Spectacular at the NIA this weekend, which will likewise be attended by Paul who, guess what? – will also be putting his Christmas tree up.

In Sales, AllyΓÇÖs little boy Kaie won his football game against Ibstock last Sunday, with a convincing 3-0 in – well done Kaie! (Kaie is pictured left on the back row, second from the right.)

Newbie Dan White has some friends staying over this weekend, but fears theyΓÇÖre more interested in meeting new arrival, baby Ella, than catching up with him. Marcus is going to London for an (expensive) weekend with his girlfriend before getting ready to endure a 4-hour tattoo session on Monday – ouch – while Bilson has a somewhat more relaxing day planned at the Coleshill Christmas Fayre. Not to be outdone, Stephen has got an action-packed weekend lined upΓǪ fitting new flooring.

Rav makes her blog debut this week as she tells us that sheΓÇÖs off to the Clothes Show at the NEC this weekend (M42 users: be warned!), Rich Horwell is taking little Harry to his first photo shoot on Sunday (ΓÇ£a present from Mr and Mrs BearΓÇ¥) – and strangely enough, will also be putting his Christmas tree up.

Claire is going to a hen-do that includes a cocktail-making session. As sheΓÇÖs expecting in February she wonΓÇÖt be taking part, but sheΓÇÖs managed to get around this by striking a deal with her friend: ΓÇ£I make the cocktails, she drinks them!ΓÇ¥ She is also looking forward to picking up the keys for her new house this weekend.

Finally, a word about our Movember participants. True to form, the OB Mo-nificent Seven (Simon, Alec, Stephen, Gareth, Gerard, Craig and Chris Mapp) endured a whole month of hairy upper lips in support of the annual Movember movement, a truly worthwhile cause that raises money for menΓÇÖs health initiatives.

See the final results using the link below and please remember to show your support by pledging a few pounds or pennies!

The OB Seven: Before & After

Movember: Donate online

Well done to everyone who took part!

That’s it for this week, but as ever if you want to join in with news of your own shenanigans, leave a comment below or feel free to drop us a line on

Catch up on previous editions of the Insider Weekly here.

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