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The Insider Weekly: Gluhwein, Bulldogs & The Darkness

The Insider Weekly: Gluhwein, Bulldogs & The Darkness

It’s edition 6 of the Insider Weekly – and as ever we delve into the lives of the team to find out what they’re getting up to outside of the world of work.

* * * * *

Starting with IT, there’s no scarefest this weekend but Coombs – with his trusty Pacman stress ball – tells us that he’s off to see comedian Ed Byrne at the Bedworth Civic Hall tonight. Joey is on holiday again this week and He Who Will Not be Named says he’s not up to much.

Finance seem to have puppy fever at the moment, as Corinne is trying to convince her other half to let her have a Bulldog, while Michelle has got her sights set on a Pug. So just to stir things up a little, here’s a picture of Tracey’s cute 10-month old Bulldog puppy JJ.

Over in Marketing, Vikki is heading over to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham tonight for a spot of Christmas shopping and gl├╝hwein (“probably more gl├╝hwein than shopping”) and is looking forward to the Good Food Show at the NEC next weekend.

Jo is very excited about going to see The Darkness tonight (although apparently it’s got nothing to do with seeing Justin Hawkins in lycra), which also means that she will officially become a ‘darkling’.

In keeping with the gig theme, Craig is going to see the Rubber Bandits at the O2 in Birmingham this weekend, Ian is going to see Example on Monday, and Bear tells us that he’s got tickets to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at the NEC. He’s also going to see some possible bands for his upcoming wedding, but sadly it won’t be the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as we understand they’re a bit busy with their world tour.

Elsewhere in Sales, Kaz reached the ripe old age of 25 on Sunday, Dean is preparing for a four-hour session at the tattooist tomorrow, Stephen will mostly be watching football and fixing his battered budget BMW for the upcoming Sucata Split challenge next May, Tom is trying to think of something to cook for his in-laws on Sunday that wonΓÇÖt involve the local chippy, and for Becci, it’s all about the BCA ‘do next week (watch this space!)

Newbie Dan White makes his first appearance on the blog and joins the OB baby boom with news of little Ella, who was born four weeks ago (“I’ll mostly be changing nappies and getting very little sleep this weekend”), while Rich Horwell is planning to take son Harry to make his mark in clay this weekend. He’ll be capturing his little handprint in a clay keepsake, a great little memento and naturally, something to embarrass him with in later life!

Now that Downton Abbey has finished, poor Dan Mcleod doesn’t know what to do with his Sunday nights. So he’s planning to go and see the new Twilight film this weekend instead, but not before a charity ‘do at his football club, Rocester, with a guest appearance by none other than former Welsh international Mickey Thomas.

There are also a few people looking forward to the Liverpool vs Chelsea game on Sunday, including Paul, who incidentally saw a band last weekend that is now in Texas, playing with Buddy Holly’s former band The Crickets!

Finally, we couldn’t sign off without a Movember mention. The annual moustache-growing event is hotting up, and’s ‘Mo-nificent Seven’ are doing a grand job by growing an array of different styles. WeΓÇÖve been following their progress via a regular photo diary which you can view on the below link.

Take a look and if you like what you see (or even if you don’t!) please spare a moment to donate a few pounds or pennies. Movember is all about raising awareness and funds for much-needed research into prostate and testicular cancer initiatives, so please give as much as you can afford for this very worthwhile cause.

View our Magnificent Seven Moustaches here.

Donate online through the Movember website here.

That’s it for this week, but as ever if you want to join in with news of your own shenanigans, leave a comment below or feel free to drop us a line on

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