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The Insider Weekly: Festive Frolics & Cats in Hats

The Insider Weekly: Festive Frolics & Cats in Hats

Naturally, this weekΓÇÖs Insider is all about last-minute Christmas shopping (some of whom are only just starting), the workΓÇÖs ΓÇÿdo, and generally getting in the festive spirit. ThereΓÇÖs no Insider Weekly next Friday so this is the last one of the year! We hope you enjoy reading it and as always you can catch up on previous editions here: The Insider Weekly.

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The talk of the Sales floor today is the Christmas night out. Virtually everyone in the department is heading out tonight for a bit of a shindig at Apr├⌐s Bar in Lichfield – so if you happen to be out in the town tonight, be warned…! No doubt there will be some amusing photo evidence making its way around the sales floor next week, so IΓÇÖll do my best to get hold of some shots for the Blog.

Aside from the Christmas ΓÇÿdo it seems that most people in Sales are doing one of two things: dashing out over the weekend for some last-minute panic-buying, or having a (smug) relaxing weekend, looking at all the presents that they bought and wrapped weeks ago.

Bear (aka Chris Meredith) is the exception to the rule, as his fianc├⌐ has done all the Christmas shopping so when asked what he plans to do this weekend, all it took was one word: “Eat”

On Reception, Kerry tells us that sheΓÇÖs planning to spend most of Saturday and Sunday chilling out at home, feeling smug, and looking at her neatly wrapped presents under the tree. However fellow receptionist Nicky soon burst her bubble by reeling off a list of family members that Kerry apparently hasnΓÇÖt yet bought for, which makes everyone else feel a bit better! (apart from Craig that is, who did all of his Christmas shopping in November, but weΓÇÖll gloss over that)

Christmas aside, Andy Bilson is looking forward to a family get-together, Rich H tells us that heΓÇÖs planning to spend most of Sunday watching football, and Kaz is planning to go shopping (for himself) and take advantage of the sales, as well as try to find a pair of Mulberry trousers for his little boy Dhanish. Apparently itΓÇÖs proving to be no mean feat, so if anyone knows where to find a set of dinky designer trousers, let him know!

Elsewhere in Sales, Dan White is going to London for the weekend to stay with friends and go to Hyde ParkΓÇÖs Winter Wonderland, where heΓÇÖll be trying his hand at ice skating. Stephen is booking his snowboarding holiday, Gerard is babysitting his nephews, Tom is going to the German Market, and Becci is planning to embarrass her two cats by dressing them up in Santa hats. Account Manager Claire has just one week left before she goes on maternity leave, but sheΓÇÖs still in the throes of decorating her new house so she canΓÇÖt relax just yet!

In IT, Joey is finishing today for Christmas so naturally heΓÇÖs feeling very pleased with himself. Coombs is “moving stuff” whilst sending wife Becky out to finish the Christmas shopping, and says heΓÇÖs hoping to get everything done on Saturday so he can have a nice relaxing Sunday – but he wonΓÇÖt be watching the footie because he says itΓÇÖs rubbish (or words to that effect).

Finance and Marketing are generally having a quiet weekend. Corinne expects sheΓÇÖll be getting tied up in selotape (self-inflicted, in case you were wondering) as she battles with present-wrapping duty, Lisa will be watching the Strictly Come Dancing final, Video Editor Michelle is finishing for Christmas so sheΓÇÖs off down South to stay with her parents, and Liz has promised that this is the weekend when sheΓÇÖll be making her famous mince pies. Apparently sheΓÇÖs got “mincemeat coming out of her ears” so itΓÇÖs now or never. SheΓÇÖll also be feeding her Christmas cake with lots of booze.

Finally, we want to give a special mention to one of our avid readers of the Insider Weekly, VikkiΓÇÖs dad Adrian. He regularly reads the blog to find out what Vikki gets up to and was apparently he was particularly amused by last weekΓÇÖs gin-related revelation (sorry about that, Vikki). Happy Christmas Adrian!

ThatΓÇÖs it for this week. WeΓÇÖll be back in the New Year with more antics and shenanigans from the team. From everyone at, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As ever you can catch up on previous editions here: The Insider Weekly.

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