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The Insider Weekly: Dungeons & Dickens

The Insider Weekly: Dungeons & Dickens

It only seems like 5 minutes since we started the Insider Weekly, but already weΓÇÖre on edition 7! Find out what the team are getting up to in this weekΓÇÖs edition, and check out our archive to catch up on previous editions.

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Starting with Sales, today is all about the annual BCA Dinner and awards evening, which will be attended by Becci Strawford, Chris ΓÇÿThe BearΓÇÖ Meredith, Stephen Preston and Simon Jones. The quartet are making the most of their time in the Big Smoke by visiting office providers throughout the day, including LandmarkΓÇÖs Heron Tower, Executive Offices Group, MWB and several others.

Becci will be leading the march and intends to get around to see as many buildings as possible before the eveningΓÇÖs proceedings commence at the Park Lane Hotel in Piccadilly. More details next week!

Elsewhere in Sales there are quite a few people planning to visit the German Christmas Market in Birmingham this weekend, among them Richard Nash (who will also be shoe-shopping) and Chris ΓÇÿThe BearΓÇÖ Meredith, who is combining a trip to the market with a spot of house hunting.

Chris Mapp is also venturing into Birmingham this weekend, but sadly not to enjoy the festive season. Having broken up with his fiancé earlier this year, he’ll be visiting the jewellery quarter to sell the engagement ring. True story.

DickenΓÇÖs Night in Atherstone will be well represented by team members, including Becci (although this could largely depend on her champagne consumption the night before) and receptionist Nicky, who along with fellow receptionist Kerry, is looking forward to putting the Christmas Tree up next week.

Account Manager Claire had a relaxing holiday in Gran Canaria (despite some English-style weather during the week) and is now looking forward to a 4D scan. WeΓÇÖre not quite sure how 4D works, which led to a discussion with Kaz about a 5D experience he had at the London Dungeons recently. Apparently it has something to do with being spun around at high speed in the dark whilst shooting vengeful ghosts. Needless to say, ClaireΓÇÖs experience should be a lot more enjoyable – weΓÇÖll let her fill us in on the details next week!

When heΓÇÖs not in the dungeon, Kaz spends time with his 10-month old son Dhanish (which, we have established, rhymes with ΓÇÿvarnishΓÇÖ). HereΓÇÖs a cute pic of him all dressed up in his Sunday best!

On the other side of the pod, Craig had a great time at the Rubber Bandits gig at the O2 in Birmingham last weekend. ΓÇ£It was hilarious. There were only about 200 of us and it was a great atmosphere,ΓÇ¥ he said. Craig is also looking forward to taking part in his hurling teamΓÇÖs finals on Sunday. For anyone not up on their sport (me included), hurling has Gaelic origins and is the national game of Ireland, where players must hit a ball (ΓÇÿsliotarΓÇÖ) between the goal posts. (ThereΓÇÖs a lot of information on Wikipedia for anyone who wants to know – otherwise just ask Craig!)

For Stephen Turner, this weekend is the ΓÇ£dreaded MOT for the ΓÇÿwreckΓÇÖΓÇ¥ – his ┬ú185 car which he has bought and is doing up ready for the Sucata Split challenge in May next year. If anyone else wants to set a team up, get in touch with Stephen as he will be happy to help.

Newbie Daniel White is looking forward to a nostalgia weekend with an old friend who has been living in New Zealand for the past few years, and Ally will be cheering on his little boy Kaie will be turning out for the Rugby Town Tigers in their big match against Ibstock on Sunday, which is a battle between first and second place in the league. Good luck Kaie! (HeΓÇÖs pictured left on the back row, second from the right).

Now moving over to the IT department and our favourite techies… Joey is looking forward to cramming in as many episodes of Red Dwarf into a single weekend as possible, while Coombs will mostly be getting over his man-flu. That is all.

In Marketing, Vikki is gearing up to go to the Good Food Show at the NEC this weekend, and Jo had a great time at the Darkness gig last Friday (ΓÇ£I didnΓÇÖt want it to end!ΓÇ¥) and is looking forward to a girly trip to Bruges next weekend.

Finally onto our Movember update. The ΓÇÿMo-nificent SevenΓÇÖ are still ΓÇÿgrowingΓÇÖ strong and now have a marvellous display of moustaches, from bushy ΓÇÿbox carsΓÇÖ to full-on ΓÇÿtruckersΓÇÖ. Take a look at our Movember photo diary for the latest.

That’s it for this week, but as ever if you want to join in with news of your own shenanigans, leave a comment below or feel free to drop us a line on

Catch up on previous editions of the Insider Weekly here.

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