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The Insider Weekly: Bangers, Miss World & Whitney Houston

The Insider Weekly: Bangers, Miss World & Whitney Houston

Welcome back to The Insider Weekly!

We’re already on the third edition of our weekly insight into the people of and what we all get up to outside of the world of work. Don’t forget to join in by telling us what’s happening with you over the coming weeks – just leave a comment below or email And to make sure you never miss a future edition of the Insider, drop me a quick email to get on the distribution list.

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Lickety Split… Avid readers of our blog will already know about Account Manager Stephen Turner’s preparations for the Sucata Split in May next year. Having already survived the Sucata Run, a 1600-mile charity banger rally from Rouen in France to Portugal’s capital Lisbon, he is once again gearing up to rattle his way across Europe with nothing more than a ┬ú250 car and a truckload of enthusiasm.

Stephen and his three team-mates are currently struggling to find a good bargain, as the rules state that the car cannot be bought for more than £250. So if you own a banger of any description that you think (with a little TLC) could have a few miles left in it, contact Stephen on

Rachel in Sales is getting ready for a lively weekend as she joins a group of family and friends who are all donning Tigger costumes to celebrate her brother’s 40th birthday bash tomorrow. Look out for photos next week!

Miss-informed? Account Manager Dean, who is visiting office providers in London on Monday, has managed to get tickets for none other than the Miss World Charity Dinner that night, along with Sales Manager Stephen. The pair will attend the fundraising evening and dinner at The Ballroom, Hilton Park Lane, which has been organised by the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ charity to raise funds for children worldwide.

The schedule of entertainment for the event includes the introduction of all Miss World finalists from 120 nations, and a World Gift Auction – where each Miss World contestant will donate a special gift from their home country.

It remains to be seen what the pair will turn up with back at the office on Tuesday morning…

In keeping with the entertainment theme, Michelle in Finance is making her final preparations for her glitzy evening tonight, which will see her transformed into no less than three famous singers – Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding – for a Tamworth-based version of Stars in their Eyes. As well as practicing her scales, she has also been busy fundraising for the event on behalf of Cancer Research. Good luck Michelle!

Sweet treats… Slightly less nerve-wracking than a Whitney Houston rendition is Jo’s plan, which entails a cupcake decorating workshop on Tuesday evening! The one-night course is run by Cupcakes and Peonies and features a wealth of tastebud-tingling activities including how to make sugarpaste decorations, icing techniques and basically making sponge look pretty.

Naturally, the rest of the Marketing pod are hoping to sample the goods on Wednesday morning…

Winter sun… On Sunday, Video Editor Michelle jets off for a week’s holiday in Turkey, while Marketing Manager Simon will be meeting up with Alec and Sales Manager Chris Mapp for a round of golf in Lichfield. Alec is also planning to blow this month’s pay packet on a trip to the ski and snowboarding show at the NEC this weekend, in preparation for a skiing holiday in January.

Head of Operations Liz is making plans for her Dad’s 74th birthday next week and is also being badgered by her office colleagues to bring in her famous ‘mice pies’ (that’s a mince pie to you and me). They’re so moreish, you would never know that Liz actually can’t stand mince pies, she just likes making them. All the more for us!

(And for anyone who read Liz’s ‘In the Spotlight’ feature, she is still locked in a battle of wills with a man in her local pub. It’s all about claiming a specific table, and naturally, she is still winning).

That’s it for this week, but we’ll be back next Friday with another dose of antics!

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