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The Guardian Cuts its Carbon Footprint through Greener Offices

The Guardian Cuts its Carbon Footprint through Greener Offices

The Guardian News & Media cut its carbon footprint in the financial year ending March 2010 by 3,290 tonnes of CO2. The announcement comes after the media giant wielded the axe over its energy-sapping operations, which included emissions caused by its London offices.

Other Guardian operations that have been successfully ‘greened’ include print sites, business travel and company car use.

The company is working to build awareness and understanding of its damaging carbon footprint, and as one example of how they are combatting this, developed a system to measure carbon from their paper supply chain.

Commenting on their improved efficiency, environmental manager Claire Buckley said:

“The key issue in our carbon footprint was very simply electricity. As we measure our carbon footprint at the moment, it’s more than 85% of our overall carbon emissions from our offices and our print centres.”

The firm is committed to lowering emissions caused by their London offices, print sites and IT networks, and have created a 10:10 campaign to help stay focused on targets.

The company is also donating money to various organisations dedicated to researching and reducing carbon emissions.

This includes Eco Mission – a schools-based sustainability project in Islington, Sandbag – which lobbies to ensure that fewer pollution permits are given to energy-intensive companies, and The Converging World – an investor in large-scale renewable energy projects in India.

Find out more about how the property industry is reacting to the green agenda through schemes such as BREEAM assessments.

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