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The Great Fire of Fazeley

The Great Fire of Fazeley

In a scene reminiscent of Pudding Lane in 1666, passers-by gathered in the frosty night air last night as smoke and ash poured from the first floor of the head office in Fazeley, Staffordshire.

Through the smoke and confusion it dawned on the open-mouthed faces of a handful of staff, managers and a group of kids from the nearby estate ΓÇôthat yes ΓÇô we definitely had a fire. And as they say, there is no smoke without fire ΓÇô and smoke there certainly was, lots and lots of smoke.

But far from becoming a towering inferno laying waste to the historic mill and needing the help of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, the effects the next morning are far from dramatic ΓÇô although we do have a nice layer of soot covering just about every inch of the department.

Believed to be the result of a faulty light fitting ΓÇô admittedly a guess, but given it had melted and then fallen off the ceiling it seems realistic – the smoke caused by the fire was seen by our cleaner who swiftly called the fire brigade ΓÇô who promptly arrived with three fire engines, thermal cameras and a bewildering sense of drama.

A quick spurt later however and the drama had ended ΓÇô despite it leaving a mess that has put the office, its computers, desks and my emergency bag of Wotsits off-limits for a few days.

In true style however ΓÇô and on a serious note ΓÇô the team pulled together first thing this morning, setting themselves up in unaffected areas of our HQ and are now back working at 100% – testimony to the resilience, dedication and strong team spirit that runs right through

So to everyone out there who hears about a fire at the office, yes it did happen – but everyone is fine and it really wasnΓÇÖt as dramatic as you may think – ItΓÇÖs not even a flesh wound.

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