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The Great E-Cig Experiment at

The Great E-Cig Experiment at

Here at, weΓÇÖve been trialling a new experiment: namely, banning cigarette breaks to boost productivity and reduce time spent away from the desk.

But weΓÇÖre not asking anyone to quit cold turkey! Our MD, Jim Venables, has instead bought all smokers new ECigaretteDirect. Instead of releasing smoke, these e-alternatives release water vapour and can be smoked inside.

ΓÇ£WeΓÇÖre now looking into the possibility of stopping cigarette breaks altogether,ΓÇ¥ Jim told ITV Central News last night.

So how have our smoking staff taken to the idea? Read a few before-and-after responses to the experiment from members of the team…


Describes herself as: A moderate smoker

Cigarettes a day: 10+

Result of e-cig experiment: ΓÇ£IΓÇÖm still using both at the moment, but I do use the e-cig more. I am struggling with my morning ciggy – I find the e-cig doesnΓÇÖt satisfy my craving in the morning!ΓÇ¥


Describes himself as: A heavy smoker

Cigarettes a day: 10+

Result of e-cig experiment: ΓÇ£The e-cig gives me the same hit of smoking a cigarette, even with the smoke, except itΓÇÖs not… Cigarette breaks are a thing of the past. Happy days!ΓÇ¥


Describes herself as: A moderate smoker

Cigarettes a day: 8-10

Result of e-cig experiment: ΓÇ£On the way to work and on the way home from work I have a ΓÇÿrealΓÇÖ cigarette. But IΓÇÖve dramatically reduced how much I smoke, from 10 a day to 2.ΓÇ¥


Describes himself as: A moderate smoker

Cigarettes a day: 6-8

Result of e-cig experiment: ΓÇ£I used the e-cig for 6 days and since then I havenΓÇÖt needed to use it nor have I had a smoke ΓÇô now IΓÇÖm over 2 weeks smoke free!ΓÇ¥

Find out more about the experiment by reading our press release and seeing where it’s been featured.

What do you think? Should cigarette breaks be banned now thereΓÇÖs an indoor alternative, or is it important to leave the office for a nicotine hit?

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