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The Girls Lead the Way in’s New ICON Scheme

The Girls Lead the Way in’s New ICON Scheme

Last month, launched a new scheme designed to raise the bar on already high standards of service delivery and performance.

“We call it ICON status,” commented Jim Venables, founder and Managing Director of “It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work to reach and to maintain it. But that’s what it’s all about.”

ICON status is reached when Consultants – who help businesses to find suitable serviced office space in the UK and globally – successfully attain five specific targets, focussing on different areas of the office search process.

“Becoming an ICON means delivering a great service and performing consistently against five KPIs, which means our clients get the service they need and our consultants get the recognition they deserve,” commented Jim.

Last month’s results show that three consultants in particular are leading the way by shining example, as Rachel Lapins, Kirsty Lees and Becci-Jane Strawford finished within a hair’s breadth of the tricky ICON status.

“We weren’t expecting anyone to achieve it in the first month, as there are so many different elements involved,” added Jim. “But in their usual way, the girls have proved me wrong, and it seems that they are showing the guys how it’s done!”

Find out more about the first month’s ICON results in our feature-length article here:

Stars of go for ICON Glory.

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