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The Generation About to Inherit the World

The Generation About to Inherit the World

ItΓÇÖs a question weΓÇÖve all concerned ourselves with: What do you do with your massive corporate empire when you reach the age of retirement and want to enjoy your billions?

ItΓÇÖs not a problem for some large and in charge companies, whose CEOs and founders have been grooming their children for business success from a very early age.

Meet the generation that is about to inherit the world…

1. The Trump Family

66-year-old Donald Trump is the owner and chief of a grand empire, the Trump Organization. Of TrumpΓÇÖs 5 children, Donald Junior (34), Ivanka (30) and Eric (28) hold executive positions and are set to seize hold of the realm in its various forms.

The three are all Executive Vice Presidents; Donald Jr. of the Trump Organization, Ivanka of Development and Acquisitions, and Eric of Real Estate Development.

Although reports suggest that all are as likely to be fired as anyone else for non-performance, it is assumed that if they manage to hold on to their positions, they will one day control the Trump Empire.

2. Delphine Arnault

One of the wealthiest women in the world is Delphine Arnault (37), the daughter of 63-year-old Bernard Arnault, Chairman of LVMH (Louis Vuitton/Moët Hennessy) and Christian Dior.

ΓÇÿThe Wolf in the Cashmere CoatΓÇÖ as she is known in France graduated from the London School of Economics and worked for two years at McKinsey in Paris.

She now holds the title of Deputy Managing Director at Dior and is the only female on the LVMH Board of Directors.

3. The Mittal Family

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal (52) is Chairman and CEO of Arcelor Mittal, the largest producer of steel in the world. He is worth over $20 billion and part-owns the Queens Park Rangers football club.

Mittal has one son (Aditya, 35) and one daughter (Vanisha, 32) both of whom have incredibly intimidating job titles and look set to inherit the enormous wealth of the Mittal empire.

AdityaΓÇÖs role is described as ΓÇÿCFO, Responsible for Flat Americas, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Strategy and CommunicationsΓÇÖ and Vanisha is Director of LNM Holdings, Arcelor Mittal, Mittal Steel and Temirtau JSC.

4. David Lauren

Fashion magnate, Ralph Lauren (72), has two sons and a daughter ΓÇô Andrew, David and Dylan. Of these three, only one has chosen to follow in their fatherΓÇÖs footsteps.

David Lauren (40) holds the title of Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications at the Ralph Lauren Group and is actively involved in diversifying and marketing the brand increasingly independent of his father.

Older brother Andrew and younger sister Dylan have both walked in diverse but successful directions ΓÇô Andrew is an actor and a movie producer, whereas Dylan operates ΓÇÿthe worldΓÇÖs biggest candy storeΓÇÖ, DylanΓÇÖs Candy Bar in NYC, and its US-wide chain.

5. Lee Jae-yong

Lee Jae-yong (44) is the only son of Samsung chairman, Lee Kun-hee (70), and holds the specially-created job title of ΓÇÿChief Customer OfficerΓÇÖ at the technology giant.

Kun-hee inherited the group from his father and Samsung founder, Lee Byung-chull, an entrepreneurial spirit who dropped out of university in Tokyo to try his hand at establishing a rice mill, a trucking business (called ΓÇÿSamsungΓÇÖ) and a textile manufacturer until the 1960s, when the then-wildly-diverse and successful trading group, Samsung, first began to dabble in electronics.

Today, Samsung overturns nearly $250 billion revenue and looks set to be inherited by Lee Jae-yong, a man whose personal interests include psychology and the media.

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