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The Experiment: Alternative Workspace Solutions

The Experiment: Alternative Workspace Solutions

Following the fire at the head office, which while not causing any serious damage has put the marketing department out of bounds for a little while, we have decided to launch an experiment ΓÇô by opting to work from a variety of locations that include home, day-desk and a selection of serviced office space locations.

The aim of this experiment is to gain a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages faced by business people working in these different situations.

Conducted by Jo Disney and Myself, we will then provide updates and feedback on our experiences throughout the day via the blog, Twitter account (officebrokercom) and our LinkedIn profiles.

In order to make this experiment as varied as possible, we have also taken the decision to place ourselves in deliberately difficult situations, we have achieved this by restricting the resources we are each able to use during the course of the project ΓÇô with Jo for instance opting to work from a fully integrated laptop, while I will work from a personal laptop that does not have full access to things such as the database.

The trick and challenge in this will be to chart the issues we face in each location, how we were able to overcome them (if we can of course) and how large the impact of these challenges on our ability to be productive when not based in a centralised office ΓÇôeven a slightly charred one.

Communication, distractions, lack of privacy and self-management will all be interesting stepping-stones for us both over the next few days, during which we will experience working from home, from separate serviced offices, a joint space and hot desking ΓÇô all varied and each with a new set of challenges that we will have to overcome in order to keep the work rolling along!

So, if you are a business person working from home or from one of the great serviced offices around the world, and would like to keep track of how we get on ΓÇô and even provide advice along the way ΓÇô be sure to visit the blog or tune ΓÇôin to our Twitter account ( over the next few days!

The results…

Joanna Disney – Day 1

Simon Jones – Day 1

Jo & Simon – Day 2

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