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The Day Woody Came to Visit

The Day Woody Came to Visit

Here at we often have visitors, from the many serviced office space providers who come to meet the team to our friendly postman Andy. But while all these visitors are always welcome at the HQ – today we had a unique and particularly popular visitor in the shape of Woody the Jack Russell.

Woody, who having daringly escaped from his owners back garden and braved the wind, rain and the A4091, eventually found himself at the front door of our office ΓÇô where Sales Manager Chris Mapp took the initiative and scooped him up with the intention of reuniting Woody with his owner.

A few calls later and it turned out that WoodyΓÇÖs owner was not at home ΓÇô leaving Chris and his team waiting anxiously for their message to be answered and with an adventurous and curious Jack Russell on the loose on a busy sales floor.

After at least 2.5 seconds of consideration, Chris composed the perfect solution ΓÇô by leading the traveling Woody downstairs to the less frantic (in some ways) offices occupied by the Marketing and Finance teams here at

Unfazed by yet another environment, Woody carried out a preliminary tour of this new office with his nose, rebuffed a bacon frazzle and then settled on Head of Global Operations Liz Yorke as his temporary guardian ΓÇô complete with comfy lap and amicable disposition toward wayward dogs.

While the arrival of Woody was unexpected, it was wonderful to see the way our staff, neighbouring businesses and others who heard about his plight went out of their way to say hello to him during his brief stay ΓÇô with the little fellaΓÇÖs visit leaving a positive impact on the entire team for the whole day and no doubt generating a story that will be retold and remembered for a while yet.

Despite only spending a little over 2 hours as an honoured guest here at, Woody the Jack Russell notched-up 1 walk, 2 meals and an untold amount of fuss ΓÇô leading me to believe that should he get out and about again ΓÇô his belly may well lead him straight back to the friendly folks here at!

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